Despite the complete freedom of movement, choosing a country to spend your vacation is still very difficult. In this article, priority tourist destinations and their advantages will be considered.

1. Georgia

Wine and mountains. This is enough for Georgia to become one of the countries that tourists from all over the world love. There is absolutely everything for any kind of recreation. In addition to the obligatory tourist points with the sea and mountains, we advise you to visit the famous mineral waters and, at least once, appreciate all the delights of Georgian cuisine.

2. South Korea

A new direction for domestic tourists. All the better, this country, not yet visited by tourists, has recently established itself as a wonderful resort destination. This country is great for fans of winter sports, because after the Olympics there were many world-class sports facilities. Korea is also one of the leaders in the field of plastic surgery, which attracts many fashionistas from all over the world. A pleasant bonus is a visa-free regime for residents of the Russian Federation for up to 30 days.

3. Israel

People often go to Israel precisely because of the opportunity to visit holy places for every believer. However, do not neglect the centuries-old Israeli culture. There is an opportunity to visit two seas at once. People go to the Dead Sea, first of all, because of its healing properties, but Red can appeal to fans of scuba diving.

4. Finland

The undoubted advantage of Finland is its accessibility. A plane ticket to Helsinki will not be expensive, and any Schengen visa will be suitable for visiting. Finland offers many options for winter holidays. Adults will appreciate the winter festival in Helsinki, and tourists with children will enjoy the opportunity to visit the homeland of Santa Claus in Lapland and the Moomin Park on the island of Kailo.

5. Italy

Italy attracts tourists from all over the world with its masterpieces of fine art and architecture. The latter consists of different directions: the Renaissance, antiquity and many others. Also in Italy is the world capital of fashion – Milan. Italian cheeses and wine will not leave anyone indifferent. The availability of a Schengen visa is captivating.

6. Turkey

The most vivid and unforgettable holidays await tourists in the fabulous country of the Mediterranean coast. There are various resorts in Turkey that will suit anyone, even the most refined traveler. There is everything for a great, comfortable stay both with family and with a cheerful company of friends: the hot sun and the warm, gentle sea will not leave anyone indifferent, and a large selection of excursions and entertainment will become an integral part of the holiday for buyers.

There is a huge selection of modern hotels in Turkey for every taste and budget: from modest, cozy little girls and three-year-olds to chic fives with their own water park and golf course. A high level of service that meets European standards, all inclusive meals and proximity to the sea are all decisive factors in the frequent choice of this country not only by Russian tourists, but also by foreigners as a place to spend a long-awaited vacation.

Tours to Turkey are so popular all over the world not only because of low prices and high quality of service. This eastern country is known for its sweets and unusual cuisine for Europeans. The famous Turkish delight, halva, praise, stretching like caramel, ice cream have become a real business card.

For shopping lovers, Turkey will seem like a real paradise. Fur and leather products are famous all over the world not only for their high quality, but also for their low price, and jewelry is famous for its originality and sophistication.

Rich in its history, the eastern country offers its guests to visit ancient cities, look at ancient temples, forums, aqueducts built by the Romans thousands of years ago. Immerse yourself in the time of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra by visiting the “Cotton Castle” of Pamukkale with geothermal springs, plunging into which, according to the stories of local residents, you can rejuvenate for several years.

In addition, located on a peninsula and surrounded by seas on three sides, the country is rich in beautiful natural landscapes unique to it. A large number of nature parks lure ecotourists, photographers and just nature lovers.

Everyone will be comfortable in Turkey: both children and adults. This is a great holiday option for the whole family, with a group of friends or alone. Here everyone will find a hobby to their liking. I want to come back here again and again to plunge into the magical oriental fairy tale again.

Choosing a country for tourism, it is worth deciding on the purpose of the visit. Some countries are suitable for active recreation, some for cultural and aesthetic, and others are aimed at improving health.