Thailand is an exotic place that many fans of long-distance travel dream of. Although there is an exceptionally favorable climate, not every date is suitable for visiting this tropical country.

Thailand is a tropical country where it is warm all year round. Despite this, the weather in this part of the world is extremely changeable and capricious. There is a rainy season from May to October, so the weather in different regions of Thailand is different. Interestingly, the further south, the higher the probability of precipitation. Weather conditions are mainly influenced by two monsoons, namely the north-east in the north of the country, the south-west in the south.

Northern part of Thailand

The best time to visit this part of Thailand in the Chiang Mai region is from November to February, especially if you purchase tickets.

The temperature remains about 30 degrees, and precipitation is low. Take warm clothes with you, as the evenings can be much cooler. The rainy season in this part of Thailand runs from June to October. We can expect the highest temperatures from March to May.

If you are dreaming of a trip to Bangkok or to other regions related to the central part of Thailand, December and January are the best travel dates in this case. When planning a trip to these areas, be aware that it rains heavily in Bangkok in September.

The southern part of Thailand

The best time to visit the southern part of the country, including the Province of Krabi and other southern islands, is between November and February. The rainy season starts here in May and lasts until October, and in the far south — until January. During the rainy season, the best weather prevails on Koh Samui, where precipitation is much less than in the rest of Thailand.

Tao is better to visit in January, February or March — at this time the best weather conditions. From March to May, it is very dry and hot in the south of Thailand. Temperatures remain at 35-38 degrees.

Conditions during the rainy season

As mentioned, the rainy season in Thailand lasts from May to October. At this time, showers are more frequent. Despite the rainy weather, the temperature remains around 30 degrees.

To sum up, the best time to visit Thailand is from November to February. Pleasant temperatures prevail at this time, and precipitation is relatively low.

Interestingly, fans of Thailand come to this unusual country only during the rainy season.

Thailand is an incredible, exotic country. You can tell a lot of amazing things about her. Here are just some interesting facts related to this unusual state.

Unknown Thailand. Interesting facts

  • The year is 2559 in Thailand today. The chronology here is conducted according to the Buddhist calendar.
  • Thais have great respect for their king. Showing disrespect to any image of the monarch (in particular to the money where he is depicted) is unacceptable. You can go to jail for that.
  • The King is the only monarch in the whole world who has American citizenship. He is known as a saxophonist, a jazz lover.
  • Thailand is a Buddhist state (95% of the total population believes in Buddhism). There are 32.7 thousand amazing Buddhist temples here.
  • Interesting translation of the name of the capital of Thailand – Bangkok. It is the longest in the whole world. In this regard, it is registered in the Guinness Book of Records. The Thai alphabet, the second largest on the planet, was also included in the same Book. It consists of 72 letters.
  • This is the only state that has never been a colony.
  • The Vietnam War “helped” the development of tourism in Thailand. There were American military bases here, and military vacationers were resting right there.
  • It was in this ancient country that rice was bred more than 4 thousand years ago. Nowadays, Thailand is the world’s main exporter of rice.
  • There are good roads in Thailand. The high-quality road surface is pleasantly surprising not only in the center, but also throughout the country. Literally every 50 km there is a gas station with a store.
  • Thais are a friendly nation. It is not recommended to raise your voice, much less shout. This is considered bad form. But politeness and smiles are welcome. Thailand is also called the country of smiling people.
  • Until 1913, residents in Thailand had only first names, as such there were no surnames.
  • Stroking on the head is not accepted here. It is believed that a sacred soul lives in the head of a Thai. This applies not only to adults, but also to children. The right hand is also a sacred part of the body. Food is taken only with this hand.
  • It is not customary to walk here with an open torso. For this, you can get a large fine from a policeman.
  • Thais do not like to move on foot. Therefore, the streets are filled with a large number of various vehicles: buses, cars, scooters, bicycles, homemade carts.
  • Thai houses usually stand on stilts. This is due to frequent floods. The roof has a special shape with sharp corners and rises high, which provides good ventilation. Thais sleep on a wooden floor on mattresses, they do not use beds. This does not apply to hotels and bungalows for tourists.
  • There is a cult of white elephants in Thailand. They are treated with respect and considered a symbol of prosperity and peace.
  • Thailand is the birthplace of Siamese cats. It is believed that they bring happiness.

Thailand is a great place for your vacation, with an interesting history, ancient culture, unusual architecture. But when going to this country, be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules of conduct adopted here, with the rules of visiting Buddhist temples. Have a good rest and pleasant impressions!