For those who love the sea, sun and air, a trip to Egypt will bring a lot of impressions and pleasures. This country has a long history and is famous all over the world for its sights, which are very tempting to see. Travelers will find excellent excursion service, acquaintance with local attractions, purchase of souvenirs and, of course, the most important thing is a visit to the pyramids. Egypt also abounds in exotic fruits, which can be purchased at a low price.

Tourist suitable for family holidays. Accommodation in cozy hotels, food, attention from the staff will allow you to have a good rest and gain new strength. This country has long been attractive for recreation with its wonderful climate and nature. Deserts, the sea, the shores of the famous Nile – all this awaits travel lovers, opening up new opportunities for them to learn about the ancient world. All hotels are located in an accessible proximity to the beach with clean sand and free equipment for a beach holiday. For an additional fee, you can conduct excursions on the water, ride a catamaran, scooter or banana. The underwater world here is full of colors and beauty, which you can see firsthand.

The cost of such a holiday depends on the number of days of stay and the terms of service. Vacationers can choose between the proposed resorts, choosing the right one for themselves in all respects. Last-minute tours are cheaper than usual and therefore very useful for those who cannot count on a large amount for a holiday.

Pyramids in Egypt

The pyramids at Giza are the only one of the seven wonders of the world that has remained to this day. Pyramids have a lot of secrets and riddles, and even modern scientists still cannot answer all the questions of these buildings. Pyramids attract the attention of many tourists who go on last-minute tours to Egypt.

You can buy an excursion to Cairo, where the famous pyramids are located, from tour operators or local residents. Prices at street vendors are noticeably lower, but the quality of the tour remains at a low level. Therefore, it is necessary to choose with whom to go to the pyramids carefully.It is worth mentioning right away that the journey from the famous resorts of Egypt to Cairo will be long, since the distance is about 500 km. But comfortable buses are very comfortable, equipped with air conditioning, so the road will be quite pleasant and not exhausting. In addition to seeing the pyramids, the tour includes a visit to Cairo, some museums and free time to walk around the local shops.

Usually the first stop is the Egyptian Museum. The exhibition presents many world-famous exhibits. During a walk through the museum, tourists are accompanied by a Russian-speaking guide. After a tour of the museum, the group is usually taken to lunch, and only after that they go to see the pyramids in Giza.

Do not forget to take water or juices with you on the road, a hat and sunglasses, as well as a cream that will protect the skin from the sun.