Upon arrival in the UK, almost everyone thinks about a temporary place of residence in this state. In the capital of the foggy Albion – London, the variety of places to live is simply amazing, you just need to start looking for them.If a traveler wants the London style to surround him all the time of his stay in the capital of Great Britain and even in everyday life, then almost any hotels in the city can provide this opportunity.

Almost all hotels and mansions in which you may have to stay will be old architectural buildings. But if you want to find a more original and unforgettable place, then you should familiarize yourself with them in advance.

Citys Em

The Citys Em hotel chain is just one of these places. Each hotel has more than one hundred and fifty relatively cheap rooms. Rooms without corners, streamlined shape of furniture and all kinds of equipment. In such rooms you will be presented with large panoramic windows, a huge bed and a magnificent rain shower. The rooms are equipped according to the Smart House system. Everything, including lights and temperature control, is controlled by a special remote control. The design is made in the best traditions. Everything is supplemented with stationary computers and five halls for business meetings and conferences, a bunch of projectors, Chesterfields leather sofas and much more.

Hostel Blade 78

This is a good option for young people and low-budget tourists. It is located in an old estate, where more than two hundred years ago it was the building of the city court. Now it has been transformed by designers into a cozy and stylish hostel. It has original and unusual rooms, some of which are made in the form of prison cells or capsules. The cost is up to about two thousand per night, entrance by special key cards, which are issued for a while to all visitors of the hostel. You will be provided with free bed linen and breakfast. Bus stops, train station and metro are located near the hostel, and the museum is just a half-hour walk away. The hostel also has its own bar, which often hosts discos and concert programs.

Pelirokko Hotel

In this amazing hotel, every tourist will be able to feel like a real rock and roll star. True, it is only thirty kilometers from London, but the impression it will make on you is worth it. Everything in this hotel is made in the underground style and stylized as a rock room. In addition, you will be provided with a free photo shoot from a famous British photographer. Not far from the hotel is the Toy and Model Museum, the Brighton Art Gallery and many other interesting things. The hotel also provides various types of massage, and there is a room where you can sing great rock songs by famous artists. The whole atmosphere in this hotel is imbued with uniqueness and the spirit of protest. A very interesting option for all rock lovers and all those who just want to visit an unusual and unusual atmosphere.