Come in July to see the Alice Springs outback outpost explode with belly dancing, rickshaw racing and, most importantly, camel racing. The magic of this event is explained by the unpredictable and irrational nature of the animals. They growl, bite and spit at 3 meters. At the beginning of the race, the camels can simply stay in place or turn back. When they get into the taste, jockeys have to make an effort to stay in the saddle.

The races are held in Blatherskite Park. The winners receive various trophies. The main one is a gong (a prize from a TV company). But there is also the Afghanistan Cup, which is presented by the Ambassador of Afghanistan to Australia. This is how they honor the memory of the Afghans who brought camels to outback and built telegraph lines and a railway here.

In addition to the main race, there is a handicap “Honeymoon”, in which the “grooms” walk half of the track through the arena, and then, lowering the camels to their knees, hand over the reins to the “brides”. There are camel jumping competitions, in which cubs can also participate. There is a beauty contest among camels.

YOUR ADVENTURE: Watch a group of quarrelsome camels compete in the red heart of the outback

WHERE: Alice Springs, Northern Territory of Australia

DATES: Saturday in mid-July (July 11 in 2015)