It’s funny how some magnificent phenomena in the wild remain unnoticed by humans for years.

This is exactly what happened to the palm wing in Kasanka National Park in Zambia. These large bats of Equatorial Africa fly long distances in search of fruit trees – every November and December they arrive in Kasanka when the musuku fruit ripens here. It is estimated that 5 million palm bats gather on one hectare of swampy forest. The branches of fruit trees often break under their weight.

Every evening at sunset, the group rises, and for 25 minutes, guests of the park can watch how huge mice literally cover the whole sky. At night, palm bats fly kilometers above the ground, spitting out bones along the way. Bats play an important role in spreading the seeds of these trees. During the day, mice can be seen in clusters located on the trunks and branches of trees.

YOUR ADVENTURE: In the season when fruits ripen, you can observe a huge number of bats

WHERE: Kasanka National Park

DATES: November and December