Do you associate the phrase “winter weekend” with quiet board games near the battery? Don’t you like winter just because you used to go only to the lakes on weekends – and now you have nothing to do? So you just don’t know where you’re going!


You are a sporty and independent girl. You like funny companies, high speeds, bright colors in clothes and life in general.

You have fun in clubs and buy a subscription to the fitness center every month. Even if you have your own car, at every opportunity you prefer to walk. You don’t like to go shopping for a long time and overeat at night.

Your vacation option is a ski resort. Most likely, you have already been skiing or snowboarding at least once. After all, this hobby has been in fashion for the last five years, and so far it has not given up its positions.

However, everything happens for the first time, so it is quite possible that you are still only a potential skier or snowboarder. If so, then it’s time to try the most fashionable sports hobby of a modern girl. By the way, skiing is a great alternative to cardio equipment plus an unsurpassed remedy for depression. In general, solid advantages!


You are a romantic and slightly conservative young lady. You firmly believe that with a nice paradise and in a hut, as long as no one interferes. At the same time, it is better, of course, if the hut is with all the amenities. You spend the evening with a box of chocolates and dreams.

You love romance novels, lyrical music and chocolate cakes. You don’t like to fuss, run in the morning and ride public transport.

Your option – база отдыха, a country cottage or hotel away from urban landscapes. In winter, the popularity of country cottages does not decrease at all, and on holidays, on the contrary, increases!

Keep this in mind when booking seats. Also find out in advance about the availability of a barbecue and a barbecue area. Romance is romance, but you always want to eat. When else will there be an opportunity to have a picnic in the cold?


You are a languid beauty, a lover of the sea, the sun, water and tanning salons. Usually men run after you, not the other way around. You like to have fun with your friends, chat on the phone and go to sales. You don’t like winter, get up early and do cleaning.

The ideal option for me to return to the summer is a water park. There will be something to tell your friends about. Better yet, take them with you: the water park is the best place for a cheerful girl’s company.

You can go there for a day or for the whole weekend.


You’re a thrill-seeker, your friends think you’re crazy. You hate everything that may seem boring and banal. Your motto is: “Out of two evils, I choose the one that I haven’t tried yet.” You love doing sports, making cocktails, singing loudly in the shower. You don’t like to get bored and watch TV shows.

If all this is about you, take your friends in your arms and go to the mountains, caves or hot springs! It is not necessary to go to the end of the world for thrills – there are unknown places everywhere!