Tunisia is one of the most popular summer destinations among tourists. At the same time, as experts note, the full potential of the republic in the Russian market has not yet been disclosed — if many people are familiar with beaches and all-inclusive hotels, then not everyone knows about the sightseeing and educational opportunities of Tunisia.

Against this background, I decided to prepare the portal for my readers the TOP 4 most interesting places in Tunisia, after visiting which impressions of the republic will become much brighter.

El Jam

A small town located 40 kilometers from the resort town of Mahdia. Its main attraction is the Colosseum. By the way, it was built around 238 AD in the image and likeness of the Roman Colosseum. At the same time, it has been preserved much better. In this place, everyone will be able to literally touch the centuries-old history: real gladiatorial bloody battles took place here. The dungeon under the arena contained wild animals, cells for gladiators.

This amphitheater has great acoustics: From July to September, you can enjoy classical music performed by the best European orchestras here.

Sidi Bou Said

The town of Sidi Bou Said is considered the third most visited tourist attraction in Tunisia, comfortably located on Mount El Manar, which offers a magnificent panorama of the Gulf of Tunis. All the houses are painted white and blue. The streets of Sidi Bou Said are its main attraction. Tourists come here to admire them – this snow-white and blue mosaic.

Another hallmark of this city, which is often called African Santorini, are the doors, each of which is completely unique.


The ruins of the ancient city, founded by the Phoenicians around 814 BC, are located near the city of Tunis. Excavations of the ruins, which started in the 19th century, continue to this day.

At the same time, modern Carthage is a satellite city of the capital.Here is the most expensive land and real estate in Tunisia.

There is the official residence of the President of Tunisia, the villas of officials and wealthy businessmen.

The baths of Antonius Pius are located next to the archaeological park and are the largest ruins of Roman Carthage. They cover an area of 1.8 hectares. Only fragments of the basement walls and the foundation have survived to our times. All the aristocrats and the cream of society sought to build their villas closer to the baths of Anthony Pius.

The largest trade deals were concluded in the baths and various kinds of information were simply exchanged.

Sahara Desert

Oases, dunes, the village of Berbers and the scenery left after the filming of the movie “Star Wars— – all this is located in the empty Sahara. As a rule, excursions to one of the most famous sights of Tunisia take 1-2 days.

We add that if you are tired of the cultural program, then you can relax and take a course of body improvement in thalasso centers or in many hotels in Tunisia.  Therapeutic treatments include a saltwater pool, hammam, massage, body wraps and hot tubs.

Importantly, the price in Tunisia for such procedures will be much cheaper than in Europe.