Antarctica — the most isolated continent on Earth – needs to be earned. Getting to it is long and tedious. You can, of course, make an expensive flight, but the weather sets the flight schedule, and routes are subject to the volatile mood of the continent. If you do get to Antarctica, you will find picturesque snowy expanses and a rich animal world.

Most likely, you will go to the White Continent on an expedition ship. The most popular tour includes a cruise to the habitats of large colonies of seabirds, seals and penguins. The vessels depart from Ushuaia, the center of the Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego. Your first destination is likely to be the South Shetland Islands— a chain of islands at the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula with stunning scenery and a rich wildlife world.

Here you can visit the former British scientific base in Port Lockroy Bay, Neko Bay, into which the glacier drops icebergs with deafening noise, the American Palmer research Station and Paradise 6yxiy (Paradise Harbor), which is considered “the place with the most appropriate name” because of the magical icebergs.

The tourist season in Antarctica is very short – about four months, while every month offers its own entertainment. Come in December – at the height of the southern summer – to see how penguins hatch eggs and feed the cubs.

YOUR ADVENTURE: 20 hours of light a day and a chance to see penguins hatching chicks

WHERE: Antarctic Peninsula

DATES: December