Gibraltar in the classical view evokes only mythical associations. The pillars of Hercules, the Moors, the unique location, the endless struggle – from time to time bloody and ruthless – for a place in the sun. The state is so fabulous, unreal and distant that one idea of traveling in that direction seems, if not seditious, then utopian.

It’s like the dream of a city break to the Emerald City. Gibraltar is an overseas territory of England in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, and it is fully real.

To start exploring this historical place, head from the Cape of Europe, where the border between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea runs. This is the southernmost point of Gibraltar, from where the southern Hercules Column is visible, which is already in Africa. In addition to the Catholic church and mosque, there is a good lighthouse of the XIX century. The Gibraltar Museum is worth a visit to see the ancient artifacts.

Some are tens of thousands of years old. There is even an Egyptian mummy among them. The main Gibraltar attraction is Mount Tarika, whose height is 426 m.

It is possible to climb to the top by cable car.

If you look from this to the north, you will notice the sandy beach of the village of La Caleta, this place is also called Catalan Bay in honor of the first settlers. Almost a good half of the country’s area is allocated for the Upper Rock Reserve. Only in Gibraltar live Barbary macaques – magots, which are also an unofficial sign of the country. Dolphins abound in the surrounding waters.