Welcome to Australia! This tropical continent is located at a distance from all the others. He has his own individual culture and is always happy to send adventurers so far into the very depths of his prairies, wherever they wish. One of the most exciting and desirable cities on the Australian continent is Sydney.

Everyone will find something to their liking in this city. Among the people, the kangaroo is considered a symbol of Australia. These amazing creatures of nature can be viewed at the famous Sydney Zoo with the beautiful name “Taronga”. This exotic zoo was opened at the beginning of the 20th century with the assistance of the Zoological Parks Council of New South Wales. Speaking of the zoo, the Sydney Aquarium was opened in the largest city in Australia in the 80s. This unusual complex has collected more than 6000 species of both fish and other marine inhabitants in its vaults. But the most famous in the Sydney Aquarium is the network of tunnels for visitors.

The whole peculiarity of these tunnels lies in the fact that all the diversity of shark species and coral reefs can be seen through the glass, which makes up the ceiling with walls.

For the sake of the applause shaking the Sydney docks, the world-famous Sydney Opera House was erected. Sophisticated art lovers will appreciate this huge, sailboat-like building, which was made in the style of expressionism and was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2007.
In Sydney, a whole area has been opened for tourists and locals, containing a huge number of the most diverse restaurants, advanced and quiet bars, the simplest and most unusual cafes. This area is called Darling Harbor. You can move through the whole area with the help of a monorail train that runs along the ring.

You can see all the beauty of stunning Sydney from the height of the local Sydney TV tower. The height of this structure reaches three hundred meters. The tower is located not far from the main business district of the city. By the way, if someone decides to stay in one of the popular hotels in Sydney, such as the Linear House or Central Station Hotel, the famous tower will be at hand.

After sightseeing, you can visit the favorite place of everyone who visits or lives in Sydney. The suburb of Manly invites those who wish to visit the bustling beach. Just half an hour from the central business district of the city, from where you can go by ferry, is this birthplace of local surfing, evoking the atmosphere of a resort holiday. Also, coastal bars and cafes will not let you get bored after the sun sinks into the endless bay.

If someone dares to go to conquer the vast expanses of the Australian continent, it is worth starting with Sydney.