Dominicana impresses with its unearthly and truly heavenly beauty. The shores of the island are washed by the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the Caribbean Sea on the other. Time passes slowly here, and the rhythm of life is measured. The Dominican Republic is rightfully considered an ideal place to relax, giving the opportunity to plunge into a serene beach holiday.

Among sightseeing trips, a visit to the City of Artists, built in the Middle Ages, the main attraction of which is the amphitheater, is very popular. To see the eighth wonder of the world, the Christopher Columbus Lighthouse, you need to go to Santa Domingo. On the way to the island of Saona, you can observe an incredible sight, the meeting place of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, merging, the waters of which acquire an incredible color.
The Dominican Republic is one of the favorite vacation spots belonging to the tropical zone. The tropical beaches of the Dominican Republic are located at a distance of four hundred kilometers, and therefore you can choose anyone.

The beaches of the Dominican Republic are washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Coconut Island is filled with tourists during the season.

Attracts tourists who have bought a tour to the Dominican Republic здесь, and the international award “Blue Flag”, which Coconut island received before anyone else in the Dominican Republic, in 2009. A total of eleven beaches have been recognized here. They have earned prestigious international recognition and awards, but it is Coconut island that is still considered the best of them. It has a great advantage that attracts tourists – it is the presence of crystal clear water that washes all the well-groomed beaches of this tropical republic. But in addition to the sandy recreation areas for which the Dominican Republic is famous, visitors to the country can enjoy walking around the island and visiting nearby islands, admiring coconut palms.

Impressions of picturesque tropical forests, waterfalls, reefs will remain in memory for a long time. You can even take part in celebrations held by local residents. Incendiary rhythms, dancing with fast movements will certainly cheer you up.

The tourist infrastructure is highly developed. Some hotels, as a rule, three- and four-star hotels are located on the Caribbean coast, others are more expensive on the Atlantic coast. The second category of hotels has the best conditions for surfing. Hotels have their own beaches, and large territories belonging to them have everything for a good rest, bars, discos, restaurants, casinos, etc. Mostly Dominican hotels offer accommodation in bungalows, two- and three-storey villas.

If tourists have settled in hotels operating on the principle of “all inclusive”, then this will free them from a lot of hassle. Food and drinks right on the beach, plus entertainment on the water – everything has already been paid for.

You will not be bored, you can go on a wonderful journey to Santo Domingo, looking into underground caves along the way, admire the transparent lakes. A visit to the Aquarium will be a real miracle. Predatory fish, turtles, sharks and many small inhabitants of the sea live here.

Be sure to go on an excursion to the island of Saona, where the national reserve of the republic is located. It is notable for the fact that here in the park there is a real ancient Spanish village, the era of the XV century.

Diving is the most common active type of recreation in the Dominican Republic. Here it is developed and is at a high level. You can also do underwater tourism, which will allow you to see many caves hidden under water and keeping their sea secrets. But it is allowed to go on such a hike only with two experienced instructors because it will be unsafe for beginners to travel without knowing the behavior of marine animals.

For those who do not like scuba diving, fishing is offered on the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Lovers catch fish, both from boats and from the shore. At the same time, all accessories can be rented on the beach or in a hotel and, already armed, go to the extraction.

For those who do not like water sports, there are two alternative ways of spending time. This is either a tropical safari or a “Wild Jungle”. The first type of recreation is common in the Dominican Republic as well as water activities. So, almost every beach has special points where you can order a safari. Literally an hour (maximum an hour and a half) after ordering, you can leave by jeep in the jungle to hunt and admire the animals.

“Wild jungle” is a way of survival. Consists of the following. By helicopter, a group of tourists together with an instructor are thrown into the jungle, and they have to find a way out and return to their departure point for three days. It is noteworthy that you can only take two small things with you. The result of such a holiday is a joint celebration upon return.