The popularity of tourism, individual or organized, is quite high in many countries. People are ready to overcome any distance to get aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation of unexplored beauties, to join the secrets of history and archeology, to experience extreme experiences. Leaving their apartments and houses, they try to bring variety to their lives.

Choosing a comfortable vacation destination plays an important role. It was to ensure maximum convenience and attract more visitors that very unusual hotels were built in many countries.

The famous Swiss hotel looks new every year, and all because it is completely made of ice. The project has been successfully operating for 25 years. Despite the harsh winters, the temperature inside is only -7 degrees, visitors are dressed in thermal underwear and every morning they bring a hearty breakfast with warmed cranberry juice. Another feature of the building is the transparent ceiling, which opens a stunning view of the Northern lights.

And in one of the hotels in New Zealand, everyone can become a real hobbit by settling into real “hobbit holes” equipped with all amenities. Tolkien fans are rushing to visit this hotel in droves. Also in the complex there are other unusual buildings, such as a boat and an airplane of the Second World War, a train of 1918. However, they did not get much popularity, “fading” against the background of hobbit houses.

Spending the night in a tent in the middle of the forest without worrying about dampness and mosquitoes has now become possible in the French Alps. Special bubbles made of transparent elastic material protect from direct sunlight, and at night they save from cold and annoying bugs. There is a telescope in every bedroom. With the onset of winter, all the tents are blown away and taken back to the city, waiting for the next season.

Real car lovers are even ready to sleep in them. The architects of the city of Beblingen, located in Germany, took advantage of this by creating an auto-host. The rooms are made partly from spare parts and parts of various brands of cars. The hotel consists of 10 completely different rooms. Starting from a car wash and ending with a regular garage. The Cadillac bed is particularly popular.

Resorts, as you know, have a huge number of different hotels, but one definitely stands out among the others. In Tanzania, on the island of Pemba, a small hotel became famous all over the world, thanks to only one room. The “houseboat”, as tourists call it, is located at a distance of 250 meters from the shore, the only room of which is completely under water. The founder of the project is a Swedish company that installs similar structures around the world.

Miniature hostels have become popular in Japan since 1970. A small room consists of small cells in which a bed, a TV and a radio are hidden. The small cost of such rooms attracts a large number of budget tourists.

You can spend a night in prison without committing a crime in the city of Oxford in the UK. As a result of the reconstruction and rebuilding of the 11th century prison building, a beautiful hotel has turned out, equipped with designer furniture and chic restaurants. However, the bars and barbed wire still remind of the purpose of this structure in the past.

An original hotel in Canada, resembling the shape of a nest, offers to feel like a bird. Spheres built on trees are equipped with refrigerators and beds, showers and toilets are on the ground, but this does not bother the guests at all.

Modern architects, using various materials, embody even the most seemingly unrealistic ideas into reality. Providing comfort in places that at first glance are unsuitable for normal life has given unusual hotels incredible popularity and a huge number of grateful customers.