The hot wind drives the torn thorns in clouds of dirty sand dust. The sun melts everything around: the bus, the recklessly uncovered heads of some of its passengers, kilograms of fat collected in camel humps, and even a middle-aged Bedouin sitting on these humps in the hope of hoisting someone from hiking in the desert on them. The horizon looks more like lava, and it involuntarily seems that soon the sand dunes will once again roll over, and the lava will be very close, ready to absorb everything so quickly that even a camel with a lucky man riding it will not be saved.

This is Egypt – a country where the percentage of arable land is slightly more than two, but there are as many as four deserts here: Arabian, Libyan, Nubian and the queen of Africa – sultry Sahara. Therefore, 99% of the population of this state live in the delta and the Nile Valley, which occupy only 5.5% of the total territory of the country. The main resort areas and hotels of Egypt are located in man-made oases on the shores of the Red and Mediterranean Seas.

Since there is nothing to divide in the deserts, the political borders of Egypt in the west with Libya and in the south with Sudan run almost along their entire length in straight lines and form a right angle at the point of their intersection. Probably, there is no country with such smooth borders on the political map of the world anymore.

If in ancient Egypt the country was ruled by the pharaohs, then today Egypt is a republic and it is ruled by the president, who, as in many countries of the world, is at the same time the supreme commander of the armed forces. The Government is headed by the Prime Minister. In terms of political structure, this African country fits European democratic standards. As in any democracy, Egypt also has its own opposition – a party with a rather funny name, the Muslim Brotherhood. The activities of this party, however, are not so funny: in Russia, for example, the “brothers” are recognized as a terrorist organization and their activities on the territory of the Russian Federation are prohibited by law.

Egypt looks so diverse in terms of climate, geography and politics. And from the point of view of the pleasure of rest, it looks even more diverse: there is a rest for every taste – from diving and passive rest in a hotel to excursions to ancient pyramids and camel rides in the sultry desert.