Made famous by T.E. Lawrence and the Arab Revolution of 1917-1918, the Wadi Rum Valley is one of the most picturesque deserts in the world. Myriads of openks paint an unforgettable landscape. Burning in summer and blown by winds from Central Asia in winter, the desert is best explored in May.

Wadi Rum is a chain of valleys about 2 km wide, stretching from north to south for 130 km. The high jebels (mountains) placed there and there were turned into soft sandstone by erosion over 50 million years. Climbers come to conquer these ancient hills. A beginner will choose Jebel Ram (1754 m) — the highest peak in Jordan.

Excursions in the desert are arranged on camels and off-road vehicles. From the village of Ram, you can go to the archaeological site of Peter (the tour is designed for five nights) or follow the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia to the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea.

YOUR ADVENTURE: Avoid summer heat and winter cold

DATES: April – May