The most popular country for tourists is Brazil. This is the largest state in South America, which has a unique ecosystem of the Amazon rainforest. It is called the “lungs of our planet”.

Brazil is a magnificent country full of exotic, picturesque beaches. It is full of ancient Indian traditions and full of examples of colorful colonial architecture.

The best place to start a trip to this country is Rio de Janeiro. The capital is a very contrasting city. On the slopes of its mountains there are slum areas with squalid dwellings called favelas. February and March are the months of carnival in Rio. Tourists spend hundreds of millions of American dollars a week during the festival. And this is despite the fact that prices in Brazil are not sky-high. There are many national restaurants of shurashkari where you can eat a huge number of delicious meat dishes with a variety of salads for just a couple of tens of dollars. You will be able to see the city where the famous Ostap Bender dreamed of going, make an expedition to the places where Jacques Cousteau tried to solve the mystery of dolphins, visit the place where the red-colored waters of the Amazon mix with the black waters of the Rio Negro, feel the power of the Iguazu Waterfall, and also visit the beaches on the Atlantic coast.

Argentina is very attractive for tourists. There are several natural areas in this country that differ in unique features. One of such natural zones is the Lamp, which is a huge flat expanse with fertile lands and has an extensive river network. Agriculture and animal husbandry are developed in this area.

Argentina is a country that has a mysterious history and culture, which means there are many attractions. Argentina is also characterized by bright nature. Holidays in this country can be both calm and secluded, as well as exciting and extreme with numerous surprises and pleasant surprises.

From the East, the shores of Argentina are washed by the Atlantic Ocean. It is here that tourists can enjoy the most magnificent beaches. In the West of Argentina there are mountain ranges of the Andes. In these places is the highest point in the western hemisphere – Mount Aconcagua. The south of the country is full of territory that has preserved virgin nature. There are places where no human foot has ever set foot before.