Australia is a huge island state located in the Southern hemisphere, it is washed by various seas on all sides, in the north it is the Timor and Arafura, in the east – the Coral and Tasman Seas. In addition, it borders the Torres Strait in the north, the Bas Strait in the south, and the Indian Ocean can also be seen here. The main island is also adjacent to Christmas Island, Cartier and Ashmore Islands, Norfolk Islands, Heard, McDonald and Cocos Islands.

The state itself includes 6 states and is divided into 2 territories. Australia is a British citizen, the board is represented by the Governor-General. In Australia, the form of government is parliamentary democracy.

Among the largest cities, it is worth highlighting Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, Adelaide. The main state language is English. Representatives of different faiths live in Australia – Anglicans, Catholics and others. In addition, people of different nationalities get along here – Asians, Aborigines, Europeans.

The main currency is the Australian dollar, which is equal to 100 cents.

The climate in Australia varies: in the north it is tropical, and in the south it is already temperate. There are periods of drought and floods. On average, the air temperature ranges from 20 to 28 degrees, in the winter months about 12 degrees, there are places where the temperature drops to -6, and in some places – in the Australian Alps – up to – 22 degrees.

Coming to Australia, you will be amazed at the richness of flora and fauna. Here you will see kangaroos and koalas, marsupial mice and platypuses, and many, many other animals. In addition, reptiles, venomous snakes are widely represented here, and an infinite number of exotic fish live in the water, as well as octopuses, jellyfish, sharks, etc.

Among the rivers of Australia, the largest can be noted, for example, Murray, Burdekin, Hunter, Darling, Fitzroy. There are salt lakes here – Gairdner, Frome, Eyre and Torrens. Argyle, the largest freshwater lake, is located here.

While on vacation in Australia, you can see the National Maritime Museum, the Museum of Australia, the Museum of Applied Arts and Science and the Art Gallery of New South Wales. In addition, you can visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Victoria Museum, the Royal Botanic Garden and the Royal Mint.

There are many parks on the territory of the country, the most popular of them is the red mountain of Ayres Rock. It is the largest monolith in the whole world, towering at an altitude of 348 meters, in girth it reaches 9 km.

All guests coming here will be greeted by hospitable and friendly residents. The backbone of the population are emigrants from Ireland and England.