Rotterdam is located between a maze of artificial rivers and waterways of the Rhine and Meuse, forming a double loop. The city is the southern part of Randstad, the sixth largest metropolis in Europe, with a population of 6.7 million people. Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe, with a length of 40 km. The Meuse and the Rhine provide excellent access to the country and will allow you to reach Basel and France. The city is known to sports fans, especially football.

In addition, Rotterdam is a city of festivals. The “Summer Carnival” Dance Parade, Rotterdam 666, the pop festival “Metropolis” are held here. The International Film Festival takes place here in January, the days of the International Poetry Festival in June, the North Sea Jazz Festival in July. The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra is located here, there are theaters and cinemas, as well as many other cultural sites where concerts and exhibitions are held. Rotterdam has a thriving nightlife, saturated with various subcultures of mixed society.

Next to the Coolsingel and Hoogstraat shopping arcades you can find the St. Lawrence Church. The church was built in the XV century. During the war, the building was badly damaged, but later it was reconstructed. Now believers can attend mass, and tourists can admire the unique architecture. In the 60s of the last century, large bronze doors were completed to the temple, the work of the modern sculptor Giacomo Mansu. In summer, every first Saturday of the month, the entrance to the bell tower is open, from where the panorama of the city opens.

The Rotterdam Zoo is more than a zoo. The conditions here are as close as possible to the natural environment for animals of all continents. The Netherlands is proud of the zoo in Rotterdam, it is one of the best zoos in the world. Children will find especially many attractions for themselves, including a children’s jungle or giraffe camping, where you can spend the night in tents.

In addition to the historical part of Rotterdam, there are also many interesting, futuristic buildings. For example, cubic houses designed by architect Pete Blom, built in 1984. In addition, well-known international architectural projects have been opened. The most important is the tallest residential building in the Netherlands, the “New Orleans Tower” (158.35 m) or the Euromast Tower (185 m), which has long been one of the main attractions, the tallest building in Rotterdam resembles the mast of a ship. At the top there is an observation deck and two restaurants.