When and where is it better to relax in Italy by the sea near Rome and other cities to go on excursions and see with your own eyes most of the country? Let’s look at the issue of holidays at resorts from all sides: prices for excursions, where to go, which beach resort to choose for a holiday with children or the whole family. Find out what to see in Florence, Naples and other Italian resorts.

Italy is a country that offers tourists excellent opportunities for sightseeing, skiing and beach holidays. Choosing a vacation by the sea in Italy, where to go, which resort to choose, you need to decide, having decided on the goals of the trip.

Where to go to Italy with children?

Where to relax with children in Italy in the summer? Many tourists, traveling with children, choose Italy for their holidays.

Firstly, it is a healing climate, mountain air, ecology. Secondly, the Italians themselves are very friendly and friendly to children. The resorts have a lot of entertainment, theme parks. Thirdly, sandy beaches with a gentle and convenient entrance to the sea are safe for bathing young tourists.

Rimini is considered an ideal place for recreation and sightseeing tours, thanks to its clean beaches with a gentle entrance to the sea, the resort is very popular.

Children’s complexes and sports grounds are equipped in the recreation areas on the seashore.

Lake Garda is a favorite holiday destination for family tourists. Mountain air mixed with forest air has a positive effect on the health of tourists, creating a unique healing climate. There are theme parks, water parks, and a safari park on the territory. Sandy beaches with the purest water are ideal for children’s recreation.

Where to relax pensioners?

Tours for pensioners are very popular in Europe. Now this direction is actively developing in Russia. Italy is a favorite vacation destination for tourists aged. This is facilitated by the mild climate, security in the country, an interesting excursion program, and the rich cultural and historical heritage of the country.

Basically, such tours are best planned out of season.

At this time, there are few tourists at the resort, there is no sweltering heat, long queues. This is an ideal time for a sedate, unhurried comfortable rest.

The best resorts in this regard are Florence, Rome, Venice, Naples.