This amazing city is located in the center of the country, in the Province of Tuscany. The city gained wide fame already at the time of Renaissance. Florence presented to the world thousands work of arts, many of which are stored in the local museum.

Florence real pearl of Italy.

Cathedral – the main place of interest and a symbol of the city. This architectural masterpiece was constructed on technology of bezoporny construction, innovative for that time. The dome of a cathedral towers over Florence, and is visible practically from any part of the city. Inside the cathedral is painted with frescos which are dated the 15th century.


Giotto’s tower located near cathedral collecting, the favourite place at tourists to carry out a honeymoon. From an observation deck of a belltower the beautiful view of old part of the city opens.

Show off Vekkyo – the most interesting part of the city, is the ancient bridge, Beqa Adventure Divers with the shops built on it and flower shop.

The museum of Ufizzi

The museum of Ufizzi – the largest art gallery of the city, there are world famous cloths of masters of Renaissance here. Among pictures we can see Rembrandt’s self-portraits and the Birth of Venus of Botticelli’s brush.
The gallery of Ufizzi was once constructed for accommodation of officials, now it serves as art gallery. Feature of this collection is that pictures are arranged chronologically.

Renaissance homeland

Florence means “blossoming”, however, the name of the city not absolutely corresponds to what can be seen. Still Florence is called the Renaissance homeland.
The city architecture is non-uniform. The Florentine streets often narrow, are bent, the areas are, but they don’t give feeling of a scope at all. Palaces strengthen impression the massiveness.

Florence very old city founded at the time of the Roman republic.

Value of the city changed depending on a situation, but it increased again when the well-known family of Medici came to the power in the city. In days of their board the city turned into one of the centers of culture in which talented people could find a shelter.

Some interval of time Florence was the capital of Italy during association.

It is possible to begin the travel across Florence with Senyoriya Square. Its design was executed extremely successfully. Besides it is decorated with numerous sculptural monuments.
On the square there is Senyoriya’s palace. The age of the palace makes more than 600 years. The palace as the fortress therefore also appearance its corresponding was under construction: rectangular shape, gear edges of walls. Over the lock the tower 94 meters high towers.
Now the lock serves as the place for storage of a large number of sculptures which authors glorified the name a century ago: Donatello, Michelangelo and others.
Palazzo Pitti. It is one of the largest, has the revetted facade. Under windows of the third floor it is possible to see the “crowned” lions.

Medici-Riccardi’s palace.

The magnificent palace served as the residence to the famous dukes. There is also a family tomb in which ashes of dukes are based.
The palace is also well-known that on it many aristocratic families of the city equaled, Medici-Riccardi served as a sample for them. The palace serves as meeting of fine sculptures now.
As separate decoration of the palace serves Boboli’s garden.
Around palaces there are numerous shops. In them it is possible to buy souvenirs and jewelry.