Of course, all tourist routes of Holland begin with Amsterdam. He personifies that spirit of freedom and liberalism of which all Dutches so are proud. There is no street of red lamps in which cafe Shops it is possible to smoke not tobacco at all numerous the gay clubs — more tolerant city on all planet.

Holland. Country of freedom and mills. And country of tulips and cheese. It is possible to speak about this small territory very long. And it is possible to travel around it long.

Here both the thrill-seeker and the person with Puritan views can have a rest. To services of the last of walk in 160 channels of the Dutch capital and a set of the most various museums. Here it is possible to admire masterpieces of great artists and magnificent tulips.

Cozy country of Holland

However, behind the last it is better to go to the city of Leiden. It is considered the homeland of trade in tulips, and at the same time and great Rembrandt’s homeland. This city enjoys wide popularity of tourists, and exactly here, travel agencies sell the maximum quantity of last-minute tours.

If you want to try the real Dutch cheese go to the city of Gauda. What here to you will be offered very tasty. Though it is rather expensive.

The same who wants to see business Holland, are recommended to visit the Hague and Amsterdam. In the first the majority of official public institutions of the country and the International Court of Justice of the UN. In the second — the biggest port in the world.

Most often the word “Holland” calls the associations connected with pictures of old masters, accurate houses under a tile roof and bright tulips. However, the country is similar to one big, beautiful and cozy house, Holland – one of the most densely populated states of Europe. The cities are located so close from each other here what it is possible to travel from one to another even by bicycle – a lot of time won’t occupy it.

As more than 40% of the territory of the Netherlands are below sea-level, at different times in the country many strong dams were built. Their value is so big that “I will pledge” the word, a dam, became part the name of the capital – Amsterdam. On number of canals Amsterdam can quite compete with St. Petersburg and Venice and as 90 islands of the city connect 600 bridges, tours on the boat – the best way of the first acquaintance to the Dutch capital.

Walk across Amsterdam

For walking tour it will be required if not the guide then the detailed map of the city. And to see in Amsterdam validly is on what. Traditionally acquaintance to the capital begins with Ladies – a central square from where Damark – the main city street originates. Here among quarters of building of the 16-17th centuries the feeling is especially strong that cloths of small Dutches from Hermitage meeting recovered: a red tile of roofs, lodges in three windows and the same cloudy sky of silvery color.


In Amsterdam Catholic and Protestant temples peacefully adjoin. The old church of the 13th century of Kerk is known to Uda for the organ concerts held in it, and Vesterkerk is in church Rembrandt’s grave. The museums in Amsterdam so many that it would be advisable to plan a separate trip for their visit. First of all it is, certainly, the museums of painting. Pictures of artists of the 15-17th centuries are exhibited at Reyksmuzeum, there are separate museums devoted to Van Gogh and Rembrandt’s painting. However also the House of shipbuilders or, being near Amsterdam, the museum of windmills isn’t less popular.

It is the best of all to finish walk on the Dutch capital a lunch at restaurant. A local cuisine – a good quality synonym. On the first often serve traditional shredded peas soup with smoked sausages. On the second – meat, stewed with vegetables, or stewed pork legs. And if the choice of meat dishes isn’t too big, then the bill of grades of cheese and beer in Holland is kept on hundreds therefore by right it is possible to call them gastronomic sights of the country.