Dubai – one of the richest emirates of the country under the name the United Arab Emirates. Only 30 years ago Dubai was the small settlement, however oil changed its shape to unrecognizability.

Today this up-to-date city with quarters of skyscrapers and huge shopping centers. The emirate is located on the bank of the Persian Gulf, and everything who decided to carry out the rest to Dubai, can luxuriate round the clock in always warm sea on the purest beaches. Hotels of Dubai with own beach attract tourists all the year round. Excursion programs are extremely various.

Excursions in the world’s largest covered Ski Dubai ski center, and the world’s largest aquarium located in shopping center Dubai Moll enjoy wide popularity. An observation deck of the highest building in the world Burdzh Dubay – the favourite place at tourists. From height of bird’s flight you will be able to survey the neighborhood of the city, and you will see its indescribable beauty.

Big plus of rest in Dubai and all Emirates is relative low cost of rest. Two week tour to this amazing country will cost no more than 800 US dollars.

The tourists who visited on vacation this remarkable place claim that they visited with the children’s fairy tale, wonderful east children’s fairy tale.