Chile – the country of the unique nature and amazing contrasts. Today this direction of tourism only appears at domestic travel agencies whereas in Europe and the countries of the New World, Chile is one of the most popular countries for tourism. This country is rich with numerous sights, magnificent green parks, natural landscapes and rich historical heritage.

One of pearls of Chile – national park Torres-del-Pine who is recognized by the best natural wildlife area in South America.

Chile it is located in the southwest of the southern American continent. In the east the relief is framed by high horns of the Andes, and magnificent beaches of the Pacific Ocean in the West are located. The capital of the state – the city of Santiago, is one of the most beautiful cities of the New World. In a city architecture motives of original culture, and so-called colonial style which differs in grandiosity and originality of forms closely intertwined.

Annually to Chile there come about two million tourists, a big half of tourists arrives from the neighboring Argentina here, and from representatives of the European countries most of all Germans, Spaniards and French here. Winter rest is especially popular in Chile. Here numerous ski resorts which allow to enjoy a rare opportunity – to go skiing in South America are located.

Active recreation enjoys wide popularity in Chile, you will be able to make fascinating trips and excursions.