In the small state of South America of Peru, in mountains at the height of 2450 meters, there is one of wonders of the world – the city of monks, Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu is called the forgotten city. It was built about 1440 and continued the existence up to 1532 and same year inhabitants of Machu Picchu inexplicably disappeared.

The city wasn’t so big, in total about 200 constructions: pagan temples, temples, dwellings, constructions for storage.

All these constructions are skillfully made of stone plates with such accuracy and with such small quantity of joints that from outside it is possible to think that constructions consist of monolithic walls. Stones adjoin to each other without any construction mixes so densely that between them even the coin isn’t pushed! All constructions hold the bill of weight, and considering the increased seismicity of the area and good safety of city facilities, it is possible to judge high knowledge of physics and mathematics of builders of the city.

Scientists established that from 1000 to 1200 people who generally I went in for agriculture on mountain terraces lived in the city, and worship of god of the Sun Inti was their religion.

The abandoned city

The abandoned city was found last century (in 1911) by the American scientist Hayr Bingham.

When studying by the scientist of Machu Picchu very accurate structure of constructions and the city was revealed it was possible to divide into 2 parts.

In the southeast palace constructions settled down. About it it is possible to judge by quality of a construction stone, so it is qualitatively processed and laid out. In the same area there are temple constructions, such as the Temple of the Moon, the Condor, Three windows.

In the West the palace with an altar which served for sacrifices was found. Nearby the inhabited streets which often are built up with two-storeyed houses among which the narrow small streets bringing either in the deadlock, or to an abyss curled were located.

At monks the tremendous irrigational system of the city was found. In rocks water channels and drainage systems which were supplied with water from sources were found. This water system provided all residents with water from a stream.

In one of districts of the abandoned city of Machu Picchu the complex of cascade agricultural terraces which area makes about 5 Hectares is found. These step terraces served as agricultural grounds for land owners.

For the reason that the city is located in the remote district, it wasn’t destroyed by people. But also scientists know about it all the same little.

There is absolutely mystical hypothesis of emergence of the city by aliens.

Today scientists didn’t come to one opinion how and when the city of Machu-Mikchu was built. Some assume that in spite of the fact that monks reached a high level of development, culture, there are no certificates that they could invent technical means for transportation of boulders on ridge top. Therefore some scientists claim that builders of the city built insignificant part of structures.

The city of monks is still full of riddles and secrets

But the hypothesis which says that the city was built on the place of earlier civilizations, that is on the place of the remains of more ancient constructions seems to more realistic. The official term of emergence of Machu Picchu the 15th century, but some dear researchers and scientists are discordant with it.

The astronomer Rolf Mueller drew a conclusion that emergence of the city preceding Machu Picchu, was between 3500 and 2000 BC. The scientist came to such conclusion after the analysis of change of an arrangement of celestial bodies during a certain period.

Anyway whatever hypotheses of emergence of the city were made, the city of monks is still full of riddles and secrets and the question of its emergence and of why residents hastily left it remains open still.

Last century of Machu Picchu it is recognized as cultural property of UNESCO. To save constructions of an ancient civilization the decision on reduction of visit by tourists of the city to 800 people in a day was made. Also it was refused the offer to construct a ropeway on ridge top.

But those who want to see this wonder of the world, can use the track of monks passing lengthways the rivers through several mountain passes to Machu Picchu. The road is engaged several days and the corner of our planet will become remuneration for so difficult way surprising, ancient and almost untouched a modern civilization.