Italy – one of the European countries attracting people from all continents the centuries-old history, cultural heritage, landscapes, architectural works of art.

It is impossible to pass by the cozy open small small restaurants and cafe attracting the passerby amazing aroma of food. Here it is possible to see a past combination to present. The invisible thread connects the unique, majestic Colosseum, times of government of the commander Caesar, to modern little shops and office centers.

Great artists and poets I glorified this country as a cradle of culture of European civilization. To Italy attracts everything: architecture monuments, history, clean sea, kitchen and impulsive incendiary Italian people.

This country friendly accepts every year on the territory millions of tourists from the different countries, giving them an opportunity to enjoy various delights of this heavenly spot. For this purpose on coast of Italy many known resorts with a totality of services are built. The most remarkable and unforgettable cities of Italy, necessary to visit surely, the country cradle – Rome, and also, Venice, San Marino, Milan, Verona, Pisa, Siena, Florence, Vatican, Palermo, Naples and Genoa is, of course.

Italy can be divided into several resort areas: The Adriatic Riviera, Venetian Riviera, Neapolitan Riviera, Ligurian Riviera and di Ulisse’s revra.