Japan – one of the most beautiful and mysterious countries of our planet. There are no magnificent resorts, however annually there come millions of tourists. First of all tourists go to a trip to Japan as they are attracted by magnificent architecture and thousand-year history of this island state.

The capital of Japan – the city of Tokyo. More than thirty million people live in this megalopolis. Level of technical development of the country and capital in particular strikes. Such feeling that we were postponed to several decades in the future. Three-level highways, high-speed trains which rush around the city with a speed about three hundred kilometers per hour everything is automated and computerized around.

At the same time Japan remains the country in which the culture and traditions take the important place in human life. In the city you will quite often meet the young girls dressed in a national suit – a kimono. The numerous fancy-dress festivals and shows urged to remind of ancient original culture of this state are constantly held.

Country symbol – the mountain Fidzi. In a clear weather its contours can be seen even from Tokyo though the distance to the mountain exceeds 50 kilometers. Fuji – an extinct volcano of the correct cone-shaped form, became a symbol of Japan, a unification of progress and a caring attitude to the nature.