It is a lot of on the planet of places at which visit I smother holds down chilling fear. Sometimes this fear has a mystical inexplicable origin. But sometimes danger is so real and notable that it is impossible to neglect it. But thousands of people annually aspire to these places.

Perhaps, their draft is irrational, but tours to the most terrible places in the world, povity horror, are in invariable demand.

Ukrainian Chernobyl Ukrainian Chernobyl Ukrainian Chernobyl Ukrainian Chernobyl

What does the Ukrainian Chernobyl attract tourists with? The terrible dead city of Pripyat is a mute reproach and a reminder on how everything is unsteady, than each of us daily lives as tremblingly and it is carefully necessary to treat all surrounding. The thrown toys and baby carriages, cemeteries of the left equipment, open doors of apartments meet tourists here. And the gloomy gloomy sarcophagus hiding tamed, but an outstanding flame of the reactor, seems generation of the universal evil. Especially strike tourists of a meeting with the samosela which came back to the Zone and living near the rebelled atom.

What attracts people in the terrible, executed horror catacombs lasting near Paris almost on 190 km – all this the most terrible places in the world? What forces them to wander between the human skulls and bones laid along walls? It them was described by Ann Rice, Victor Hugo, etc. the French writers. But all descriptions turn pale when personally you sees the human remains which are spread out as if the goods preparing for sending from a warehouse.