Try coasting in Pembrokeshire

Greek coasts
Greek coasts

Coasting is a personal adventure of 12 Welsh people. The sport, which is moving along the coastline without boats and other “waterfowl”, was invented in Pembrokeshire in the 1980s.
It’s a bit like canyoning, only your route will run along a rocky shore. Dressed in a wetsuit and armed with a life jacket and helmet, you will climb rocks, jump and swim.

You may even have to fight the waves, make descents into the water and jump off cliffs. Discover coasting not far from his homeland – under the city of St. Davids. You will regret only one thing — that coasting was not invented in a place with warmer water.

YOUR ADVENTURE: If you are going to jump into the Irish Sea, do it in warm weather
WHERE: Pembrokeshire, South Wales
DATES: July – September