Kefalonia Museums


Archaeological Museum at Argostoli: It is located at Vallianos square, opposite the Municipal theatre “Kefalos” (“Cephalus”). The museum includes findings from the excavations on the island dated back to geometric and the ancient era, the classical period, the Hellenistic, the roman period and the byzantine era, like those from the Mycenaean Tombs of Mazarakata, Lakythra and Metaxata, sculpts, pots from the prehistoric and the post-Mycenaean era, tombstones, coins, seals, small objects and copper weapons. Also, here, you will see the bronze head of the 3rd century B.C., a sign (“Tripis Damatri Ke Kora”), found in the location of ancient Krani, dated from the 6th-7th century B.C., devoted to Demetra, the Greek goddess of agriculture, and her daughter Persephone and the mosaic with the dolphins, dated from the 6th century. The findings from the recent excavations at Tzanata tomb are housed here, too (tel.: 0030 2671028300).

Environmental and Maritime Museum: The museum, founded in 1998, is housed in a neo-classical mansion on one of the hills, overlooking Fiskardo village. It includes various exhibits from the maritime history of the island, such as photos, sea fossils, ship maquettes etc. Here, you can be informed about the rare turtle Caretta-Caretta and other environmental issues. The museum is staffed by friendly volunteers who also offer scuba-diving lessons (tel.: 0030 2674041081).

Iakovatios Library at Lixouri: Iakovatios Library is situated in Lixouri, housed in the beautiful mansion of Typaldos-Iakovatos family. Inside the museum, you will find 20,000 volumes, a small collection of icons and other ecclesiastic heirlooms of the 10th and 15th century and the most valuable book of the collection is “The Complete Works of Hippocrates”, published in 1595. In its yard, every summer, cultural events are being held.

Korgialenio Historic and Folklore Museum: The Korgialenio Museum, founded in 1966, is situated in the centre of Argostoli. The museum exhibits local costumes, furniture and embroidery of the island, heirlooms and other ecclesiastic items, pictures, paintings, maps, manuscripts, coins, jewels, silver and metal craftworks and much more. In a special chamber, the Historical Archives of Kefalonia display historical manuscripts from the 16th to 19th century. The building also houses Korgialenios Library (tel.: 0030 2671028835).

Korgialenios library: It was founded in 1924, at Argostoli, in Korgialenios museum, with money donated from Marinos Korgialenios, and includes today 60.000 volumes, of which the biggest part dates before the disastrous earthquakes of 1953. Although it suffered from the earthquake of 1953, the library was completely restored and, today, it is open to the public. Also, many significant cultural events take place here every year (tel.: 0030 2671028221).

Maritime museum at Farsa: The Maritime museum is located at Farsa village, near Argostoli. It was founded in 1997 and completed in 2005. It includes ship models, prints, maps, tables, nautical instruments, books, parts of ships, etc.

Monument of the Acqui Brigade: It is situated on the top of a hill in Lassi. It commemorates the thousands soldiers of the Italian brigade Acqui, which were executed by the German forces, during the World War II.

Natural History Museum: It is located in the village of Davgata, 5km far from Argostoli and was founded in 1996. It includes exhibits related to the flora and fauna, the geological phenomena, the National Park of Mount Ainos and the marine environment of Kefalonia and Ithaca. The Museum was awarded in 2001 from the Academy of Athens.

Public Petritsios Library “Damodos”: It is located at Lixouri and was founded with the donation of the Lixourian doctor, Stamos Petritsis. The collection includes 1400 volumes of old books of various categories.

Radio and Telecommunications Museum: It is a private museum at Argostoli, belonging to mr. Haralambos Makris. The museum includes old radios, telephones, receiving sets, pick-up trucks, gramophones, photos, etc. All the exhibits are in a really good condition and you can operate them.