Giresun Resort

Greek coasts
Greek coasts

Located 46 km east of Ordu, the historic city of Giresun was founded about ZOO years ago. Its name comes from the Greek name of cherries; the city is credited with the spread of cherries to Italy, from where it spread all over the world.

Nowadays, the engine of Giresun’s economy is a modest hazelnut, excellent agricultural land is located in this area of Turkey, and you will come across carts loaded with goods every now and then – even on the main street and in the park on the mountain. The side streets are rather dull, but the paved central Gazi Caddesi is very pretty, here and there the red-green flags of Giresun and Turkey are flying on it.

The center of Giresun is a car park near the coastal road. Do not confuse it with the square at the clock tower a few hundred meters to the west. The municipal building is located next to the Athapark, on the continental side; from here Gazi Caddesi stretches up the slope.

About 40 km inland from the sea is the alpine zone – the Yailalar pastures, where you can walk and do winter sports at an altitude of about 2000 m. In May, Giresun becomes the venue for the Giresun Aksu International Festival.


City Museum

The impressive archaeological and ethnographic collection of the Giresun Museum is housed in the well-preserved church of Gogor of the XVIII century. It stands 1.5 km east of the Car Park, on a promontory near the coastal road; go to the dolmush with the inscription Hastanesi, if it goes in an easterly direction, ask to drop you off at the muse.

Calais Park

This shady park with the remains of the fortress is located on the steep slope of a hill towering over the city, it offers panoramic views. There are open-air beer halls and a barbecue. The park is very crowded on weekends. Public transport does not run here, so you will have to walk about 2 km up the slope from the Atapark Park along Gazi Street, then turn left onto Bekirpasha Street. Such a trip will help burn the calories received from the eaten cherries and hazelnuts. You can also take a taxi, a trip from the city will cost about £5.

From Giresun to Trabzon

Heading east to Trabzon from Giresun, on the way you will not be able to observe the particularly beautiful villas that stretch along the Black Sea coast. Nevertheless, the road passes through several towns, including the pretty Tirebolu, where there is a small harbor and two castles. Tea-making factory Chaikyr will be evidence that you have arrived in the tea district of Turkey.

Gerele, 18 km from Tirebolu, is famous for its large round loaves. In Akchaka-le, about 50 km further, there are the ruins of a Byzantine fortress of the XIII century, on a small peninsula. Akchaabat, 10 km in front of Trabzon, is famous for meatballs; to try them, you can drop into the Korfez or Cemilusta restaurant, conveniently located on the coastal road, but smaller establishments in the center of the town are more authentic, there you will be fed with homemade Akchaabat keftes.