Ordu Resorts

Greek coasts
Greek coasts

Ordu is located 60 km east of Anyo, there is a cafe and a pier with palm trees along the seaside promenade. Winding narrow streets give color to the well-groomed center of the village.


Pasha’s Palace and Ethnographic Museum

An interesting museum is located in a decorated house of the late XIX century, located 500 m up the hill from Cumhuriyet Meydani Square, right after the bazaar; follow the signs Muze – museum. The reconstructed rooms on the second floor are a living reminder of the refined and cosmopolitan lifestyle of the Ottoman aristocracy. There is an armchair in the exposition, in which, according to legend, Ataturk rested in 1924. We hope that you will not deny yourself the pleasure of pide cooked in a stone oven in a soothing garden.

Tashbashi Cultural Center

Today it is a cultural center, and before it was a Greek church, the embankment is visible from here due to its high position on the slope, about 500 m west of the tourist office. The surrounding old Greek quarter is an attractive environment of dilapidated houses.


About 30 km east of Yune, immediately after Bolaman, the Black Sea coastal highway goes inland to break out to the coast again just before entering the Horde. The passage through one of the longest road tunnels in Turkey is breathtaking, and the branch to the mainland has created a wonderful alternative to the old coastal highway.

The road winds several kilometers northeast of Bolaman, a small brown pointer marks the direction to Cape Jason, located 500 m to the left, with a ragged coastline and a tiny chapel marking the place where sailors prayed in the temple dedicated to Jason and the Argonauts. A couple of cafes there serve fish and kefta. To the east is the amazing Chaka Beach, a 400-meter strip of white sand, which is considered the best beach on the Black Sea. A grill restaurant and an outdoor beer hall contribute to a pleasant pastime here.

Even further, 15 km west of Ordu, the fishing port of Pershembe is an attractive, unhurried Black Sea village. On the other side of the main road and from the fish restaurants is the peaceful Hotel De de Evi with rooms in the shape of boats, but with televisions and refrigerators.

This winding path is easiest to overcome on your own transport, however, dolmushi go to Pershemba from the west – from Fatsa, and from the east – from Ordu.