To the north of Mohe lies the tourist village of Beijicun. It goes straight to the shore of the Amur – except to the south, there is nowhere else to go. One of the houses is decorated with a sign “The northernmost house of China”.

A small cluster of one-story log houses in the Russian style is surrounded by an endless taiga and an equally endless swamp. Even if there are tourist buses running between the attractions, it takes half a day to inspect. If you want to stay overnight, ask the driver to indicate the place.


River sands

A walking trail winds through the meadows and goes to the shore of the Amur River. At the end you will find an elevation on which a map of China is carved and a stele is installed. Climb this podium and you will find yourself at the northernmost point of a huge country with an area of 9 61 018 km2. This is both loud and impressive at the same time: there are few countries in the world where you can experience such feelings. To heighten the kitsch, take a picture against the background of a giant pheasant crest.

Cemetery of prostitutes

On the outskirts of Beijicun, a road begins along which you can get to a place for some reason called the source of Heilongjiang-Amur. There is a Cemetery of prostitutes, where numerous priestesses of love are buried from those who flooded into Mohe during the gold rush of the late XIX century. This is a mournful place, to say the least, and this grief is intensified after a visit to a small museum: there are black-and-white photographs of some women, their garments and jewelry.