Being an island continent, Australia offers surprisingly few tourist cruises. The most important route is the connection between Melbourne and Tasmania. In other places, ferries run between the mainland and the island, such as Rottnest Island, Western Australia, and Fraser Island, near the coast of Queensland. However, there are many cruises in local waters. Large cruise ships are concentrated in this area of the Pacific Ocean and in most cases sail to and from Sydney.

Boat trip

PERHAPS THERE is no better way to Australia than to sail to Sydney Harbour on a cruise ship, however, the cruise is expensive, and such services in Australia are extremely limited. To get to Australia from Europe or the USA, you should wait for the next world cruise on P&O or Cunard Line ships. Another possibility is to fly to an Asian city, such as Hong Kong, and contact Princess Cruises. Sydney is the main destination port for most cruise ships, and its two passenger terminals have excellent facilities.

Ferries to Tasmania

CROSSING the Bass Strait from Melbourne to the island of Tasmania on the Spirit of Tasmania takes more than 14 hours. It leaves at 6.00, from Monday to Saturday, alternately from Port Melbourne and Devonport. The ship has all kinds of amenities, from reclining cruise chairs and shelves for backpacks to fully equipped cabins. There are several restaurants, shops and entertainment for children. The fee is moderate if you take into account the uniqueness of the experiment: a double cabin will cost approximately 450 AUD not during peak season, and even less if you book during a special offer period.

Cruises and ferries to the ISLANDS

The SEA ferry departs from Cape Jervis, south of Adelaide, to Kangaroo Island. In Western Australia, regular ferries run to Rottnest from Perth. There are many communications between the mainland and the islands of the Great Barrier Reef. The ship also runs between Session, Cape York and Chta Island.

Contact the Queensland Tourist Centre for more information.

Rivers and harbors

RENTING a BOAT is a great way to see some of Australia’s scenic scenery. Popular places are the Hawkesbury River, New South Wales and the Murray, which flows through New South Wales; Victoria and South Australia. There are tours in the harbors of Darwin and Sydney, cruises on the rivers in Perth and Yarra in Melbourne. Tourism organizations of the state can clarify the details.