The most convenient way is to stay on Zhong-yang Dajie Street or in one of the hotels around the railway station. Keep in mind that during Bingxuejie, prices in all hotels increase by an average of 20%.

Kazy International Youth Hostel

It occupies part of the ancient Main Synagogue and thanks to this it has such a huge foyer, which we have not seen in any hostel in the world. The dormitories are clean and bright, the 1- and 2-bed rooms are located in the attic and are not so good due to the lack of fresh air. The staff is very friendly and always ready to provide the traveler with a wealth of travel information. It has its own restaurant and laundry. The hostel is very popular with Chinese tourists.

Modern HOTEL

It is located in one of the most beautiful buildings of Zhongyandajie, built in 1906. The interiors have partially preserved marble cladding, light wooden panels and Art Nouveau decorations. Take a Euro standard class room: they are only Y100 more expensive than the standard, but at the same time twice as spacious.

All rooms are equipped with free internet access, breakfast is included in the price. The entrance is from the back of the building!

Zhongdang HOTEL

The best Harbin hotel of medium category: located on the most beautiful street of the city, occupies a historic building and offers spacious, light-flooded rooms. The best rooms are corner rooms: their huge windows overlook two sides and offer a beautiful view of Zhongyang Dajie. The rooms come with computers and spacious bathrooms. Free internet access and Chinese breakfast are included. It is located one block from the beginning of Zhongyang Dajie.

Beibei HOTEL

On the next street and almost directly opposite the hotel “Zhongda”. The dapper rooms are equipped with computers. The bathrooms have glass walls — peek at your health!

To the left of the bus station – if you stand facing the latter. Beibei Kuaijie branch. There is a lot of traffic around, but this is a good option for those who want to be closer to transport. Cheap singles are selling like hot cakes, but the best rooms are always available: these are

2-bed rooms with separate beds for Y228. They are equipped with computers, and the bathrooms are decorated with brand-new tiles.

Binguan HOTEL

If you are looking for a cheap hotel with a view of the river – here you are! The rooms are enchantingly spacious, and some also have Internet access. More expensive 2-bed rooms overlook the Sungari, and 3-bed rooms have a living room with a huge TV.

Judging by the official address, the hotel is located on Zhongyang Dajie, this is not quite true.

At the very end of this street, you need to turn right in front of the park: “Jindi” is located next to the expensive Gloria Plaza Hotel, which glitters, but in fact is not gold.

Opposite the railway station, just behind the intercity bus station. This high-rise hotel is suitable for those who have come to Harbin for a short time and expect to get more comfort than can be found in an ordinary station hotel. You should not take a single room without a bathroom — they have a dull shabby look. The two-seater is much better and equipped with computers. Breakfast is included in the price.