The United States is loved by tourists. This state is spread over a large territory, in many natural zones, and it is very diverse: here you can see both huge megacities and rural hinterland, forests, northern and southern, fertile plains, mountains, Great Lakes and deserts.

First of all, you should choose the coast that you want to visit. On the East Coast, the first cities to visit are: New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami. A little inland, on the Great Lakes, Chicago is located. In the west, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Seattle should be visited first. Below we will go through some of these cities in a little more detail.


The largest city in the country is New York, also known as the Big Apple. There are countless museums, theaters, parks, other places of interest and entertainment in this city. There is also the famous Statue of Liberty, which has become a real symbol of the United States. You will be able to see the tallest skyscrapers in the world, which are full of Manhattan, visit Brighton Beach – the “Russian” district of the city, where emigrants from the USSR used to move. Russian Russian establishments are still there today, and you will see inscriptions in Russian everywhere.

Washington, the capital of the United States, also boasts interesting places to visit. First of all, these are state institutions that symbolize the power of the country, such as the White House, the Pentagon and the FBI headquarters, as well as the Capitol.


The first thing that most tourists who travel to the USA dream of is to take a picture in front of the famous sign with the cherished inscription Hollywood. Also in Los Angeles, you can go to the Alley of Stars, Madame Tussauds, Disneyland. In addition, there are excellent beaches, primarily Venice Beach and Malibu. In Los Angeles, you can find a house for rent by owner.

In San Francisco, you can see the legendary Alcatraz Prison, wine moles, or take a tour of the bay by ferry. The Golden Gate is also located here, probably the most famous bridge in the world, and there are a hundred parks in the city. In addition, surfing is very popular in San Francisco due to the most favorable climate for it.

And finally Las Vegas. In this city in the middle of the desert you will find many nightclubs and casinos, as well as luxury hotels – this is truly a paradise for all gambling. There is always a holiday here, themed parties are held every day, and a new festival takes place every week – no one will ever get bored in Las Vegas.