Zimbabwe is an unbeatable destination for adventure travel of all sorts. Not only are its game reserves among the most abundant and beautiful on the continent, but they also offer unusual types of safari experience that are simply unavailable anywhere else.

Zimbabwe , like Botswana , is a landlocked country at the base of the African continent. Its neighbors are Mozambique (to the east), South Africa and Botswana (to the south and west), and Zambia (to the north). Zimbabwe lies on a high plateau, and its terrain consists primarily of grasslands bordered on the east by mountains. The northeastern border of the country is marked by the mighty Zambezi River , along which is located the incomparable spectacle of Victoria Falls and the magnificent expanse of Lake Kariba . The Zambezi has become one of the world’s best water adventure travel destinations, offering outstanding whitewater rafting in the Zambezi Gorges below the falls as well as excellent canoeing and kayaking above them.

Climate: tropical; moderated by altitude; rainy season (November to March)

Zimbabwe has rich and diversified cultural beliefs, which blends very well with such wonders as the mighty Victoria Falls .

English is the official language. Other widely spoken languages are Chishona and Sindebele, which also have various dialects

Nature has given Zimbabwe one of the finest climates in the world, which is warm without being oppressive and with a daily average sunshine ranging from four to ten hours all year round. Generally, the days are bright and sunny, the nights clear and cool. November to April is summer months (rain season) while winter is from May to July, with a generally dry weather. The period August to October is very hot and dry. Both temperature and rainfall are directly influenced by altitude.

The highveld and the eastern highlands have lower temperatures and the lowveld and the Zambezi basin both in summer and winter.

Harare is derived from the Shona word “haarari” literally translated as one who does not sleep. Harare is Zimbabwe’ s prime city and home to close to 2 million people. Few African capitals make such a deep impression on the visitor as Harare . Harare is a pearl among African cities, an ordered haven of modern shops, hotels and high rise offices punctuated by spacious boulevards and manicured parks. An even deeper impression is made by the city’s modern architecture. Among these are Westgate Shopping Centre, Sam Levy and Eastgate. Harare is a place for shoppers.

Zimbabwe’ s people have rich and colorful history. They welcome visitors to their country with a broad warm hospitality.

Zimbabwe offers a diversity of scenery, activities and a friendly hospitality that most visitors often leave with a desire to return.

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