In Belize, black howlers are known as baboons. The Baboon Community Reserve, located 40 km from the capital of Belize, is entirely dedicated to projects to protect these animals. The reserve was founded on the initiative of a local commune from the village of Bermudian Landing. As the owners of the land, they proposed to arrange a nature reserve with corridors for howlers on the territory. This initiative found a response in the hearts of residents of other villages, which led to an increase in the number of howlers. Today, there is the highest concentration of these animals in the world — up to 250 individuals per 1 ha.

Due to the large number of vociferous monkeys, the reserve has turned into a sound attraction. When you hear the deafening screams resonating throughout the forest, you will understand how the monkeys got their name.

YOUR ADVENTURE: Explore this compact wonderland before the rainy season begins

WHERE: Babun Community Reserve

DATES: December, January, February, March