Many travel lovers are dreaming of visiting the places of residence of one of the most mysterious and majestic civilizations in the entire history of the planet. To see firsthand Chichen Itse, to visit Tulum, to explore the underwater world of the Barrier Reef of Belize, to walk around the oldest city of Koba is possible by visiting one of the Mexican cities located on the Yucatan Peninsula. We are talking about Cancun, an unusual Mecca for fans of the history of the Maya nation.

There are a huge number of ruins and dilapidated pyramids, sea fortifications and buildings, a fort that was used to control borders. And therefore it is not at all surprising that hotels in Cancun Mexico are always in high demand. Streams of tourists flock to me all year round, because the climate allows me to study exhibits in open-air museums in any season. What is unusual to notice here?

For example, the ruins of the Karakol Observatory, located on the territory of the holy city of Chichen Itza, the Kukulkan temple, which imagines a 9-step pyramid with wide stairs on each side, the ruins of Four colonnades, the temple of soldiers, the sacred cenote and seven stadiums built for the purpose of ball games.

Any of the objects deserves a separate and detailed description, because it stores a lot of interesting facts. So, on the days of autumn and March and (the 21st vernal equinox on September 20) around three o’clock in the afternoon, it is possible to notice the shadow of an unusual snake, which is formed by seven triangles with equal sides. Along with this, a competent snake shadow is sent to its own “head”, which the ancient Maya carved at the base of one of the stairs of the temple.

The stadium with the length of the playing field of 135 meters is also fascinating, and in addition, an unusual gate-ring located high enough on one of the walls of the structure. Diving enthusiasts have a place to enjoy the splendor of the underwater kingdom. Three atolls, 450 reefs and 7 marine reserves, located on almost 1000 square kilometers, allow you to notice a huge number of exotic corals, soft and hard species, more than 500 species of fish.

Of course, every corner of the planet is entertaining in its own way. And if you read reviews about the hotel ra Tambovskaya 11, you will be able to see that St. Petersburg is an unusual city that impresses everyone with its hospitality. It is possible to meet at least a number of unique valuable sights and sculptures.

Cancun is a place of unique artifacts
Cancun is a place of unique artifacts