According to tourists, the weather in Crete in September is better than in May and June. The Mediterranean Sea, heated over the summer, cools down slowly. Swimming is a pleasure: the air temperature is +22…+27 °C, and sea water +24…+26°C. In autumn, the northern winds subside, and there are almost no waves on the north coast, which is popular with holiday-makers.

SmAl: “In the evening, we recommend taking care of warm clothes, because it may be cool. It’s definitely worth warming up if you’re going to go to the mountains, even if it’s hot on the coast.”

According to tourists, the weather in Crete is changeable in October. Sunny days alternate with cloudy ones, sometimes it rains.

Irina: “Although there were rains, they were short-lived — no more than 20 minutes, and then the sun peeked out again. We like to come here in the off-season, when there are few tourists.”

There are enough hotels in Crete. These are elite resort complexes, luxury boutique hotels, budget 2-3* hotels and inexpensive apartments for family holidays. Look for comfortable accommodation in the north of the island, in a large tourist area of Crete. There are many inexpensive boarding houses and hotels on the south and west coasts. It is convenient to rent an apartment or a house by the sea from local residents here.

Tatiana: “There is quite enough space in the Horizon Beach 4* hotel. The room was cleaned regularly, the maids were greeted every morning. Very nice patio. There is a lot of greenery, everything is in flowers.”

Natalia: “Filion Suites Resort Spa has 5* rooms with mountain views. Fantastic! Don’t be afraid of floors — there are elevators everywhere.”

There are also negative reviews of tourists about some hotels in Crete.

Andrey Gagarinov: “We lived in Niriides Beach Hotel 4*. Austerity in everything. Shampoos and gels are given once, only on arrival.”

Alexander: “At the Mistral Mare 4* hotel, the door does not open the first time, you need to repeat it several times so that a miracle happens. It’s the same with turning on the electricity in the room.”

If you decide to go to Cyprus at the end of the velvet season, be prepared not only for the vagaries of the weather. In October, the flow of tourists becomes less, and the owners close many hotels, coastal restaurants and bars. In the resort village of Paleochora , cold natural waters flow into the sea . In October, swimming here is already uncomfortable.