Where is it better to stay in Milan for 2-3 days of rest in the city center or on the outskirts? We will consider offers without intermediaries and prices for rental housing with good living conditions both for two and when traveling with children. The selection was made solely based on their own experience of visiting the city and positive feedback from tourists.

Italian cities beckon with their uniqueness and the long way they have traveled over the past centuries, even over millennia.

But it is impossible to visit there and leave pleasant impressions until the problem with housing is solved. Knowing where to stay in Milan in the center or in another part of the city, you can simplify your life and get comfortable conditions at a reasonable cost.

  • The T7 hotel deserves attention already because it got into the privileged program of the Booking website.

I liked the fact that the hotel is located at a moderate distance from the trendy area.

Getting there is relatively short, and the cost of renting a room is less than in fashionable places. Breakfast here is highly appreciated by tourists because it is healthy, hearty and balanced (fruit, coffee, croissants).

The non-smoking rooms and the Wi-fi provided receive top marks from year to year. A room of 65 square meters of luxury category, together with VAT, can be rented for a week for 63,000 if you check in together.

Warning: the payment made will not be refunded.

  • Finding out where it is better to stay in Milan for a tourist for 1, 2, or 3 days of rest near a developed infrastructure, we advise you to pay attention to Idea Hotel Milano San Siro.

The hotel, located a couple of minutes from the exit to the ring road, allows you to get to almost any point of the city very quickly. We liked the gratuitous regular transfer to the metro station.

It is worth considering that the parking is guarded, but you can only park your car on it for a fee.

The buffet breakfast and the work of the restaurant of traditional Italian cuisine are highly appreciated by the guests. Renting a double room will cost 38 thousand per week.

  • I liked the Art Hotel Navigli because it is located in a busy place, where there are lots of boutiques, pubs, even pretentious places.

A mobile collection of paintings and sculptures is displayed in the hotel itself. The administration has made sure that wi-fi is available in all rooms and that some of the guests can explore the surroundings from the balcony.

The morning diet is designed in the American style, almost everyone who arrives will be able to choose sweets and snacks at their discretion. But this offer is definitely not included in the number of inexpensive hotels in Milan in the center: you will need to pay 97,000 for a week for two.