In Europe of really big falls not and there is a lot of. However Shtaubbakh that in Switzerland, it is quite high and water directs from height about 300 meters down. Because of it it doesn’t reach in the form of drops the earth, and breaking against the rock or just dissipating in air, turns into the drizzling stream.

Vicinities of the falls are perfectly equipped and have a set of constructions in order that to remove them for day or night. However at night especially you won’t have a sleep because near this “giant” noise of the falling water turns into the roar reaching quite far.Falls Shtaubbakh Because of the dissipating water quite extensive area around falls has very dense vegetation.

There is enough moisture there with the head so it is possible to admire also the Swiss cows in the afternoon as they are quietly and peacefully grazed on a green meadow.

It is especially beautiful and pleasant to be here in May days when the lilac begins to blossom. Then the majority of meadow herbs also fades that will also not be a superfluous falls landscape in understanding and an admiring.

Features of travel under falls

The main place of interest of this place is that it is possible to organize a campaign directly under falls, to see, the nature around from height about 200 meters is how beautiful. Already on it water turns on bigger degree into dust, capable imperceptibly and quickly enough to wet any who is nearby. And if it to you isn’t terrible, then can spend with pleasure time there longer.

The only thing that can stop you – asthma. Because of big humidity of air at the people having such disease problems can begin. So as it is possible treat such aspect more carefully.
As a rule, vessels come at most for couple of days to admire falling of water both at sunshine, and under the moon. Of course words it is difficult to describe a show, and to compare to something simply not really. So by all means take care of visiting these falls, to it not so it is a lot of equal analogs and there are they much farther.

During this time it is possible to take a great lot of the most beautiful pictures, just walking on the valley of the mountain district and admiring its green carpet. It is very difficult to forget or not to attach significance. From such height it seems that you are above clouds. All because fog, dissipating from falls curls in air streams at the foot of a hill and makes such impression. To contemplate it – means to understand that such happiness and that it not in money, and here in such moments.