Hawaii is well-known for breathtaking natural beauty, warm tropical climate, active volcanoes, fresh floral air, splendid beaches, and cultural sites. All of mentioned things make Hawaii famous place for vacationers, surfers, volcanologists, and biologists.

Tourists are eager to visit this U.S. state because it energizes, renews, and refreshes them.

When to go?

The Hawaiian Islands boast of sub-tropical climate. Variations of temperature are mild during the year. But amount of rainfall is not the same per seasons. That’s why Hawaii has two climatic seasons – dry one (from May to October) and rainy one (between November and April).
Peak season lasts from middle part of June to September there. Also a lot of tourists are seen on different holidays such as Thanksgiving Day, Golden Week in Japan, and New Year. So if you want to avoid crowded beaches and find lower prices you should visit these islands in May, September, and October.
Winter is low season in Hawaii. But tourists like to spend their winter vacation there because they may see whale migration as well as lush greenery and rainbows in mountains. Advanced surfers also adore winter in Hawaii due to big wave surf competition.


Places to visit

If you want to dive on these islands you are to visit volcano Mauna Loa and Kohala Coast which are the most attractive places for scuba divers in Hawaii. Coral reefs, canyons, cliffs, and lava formations will make your diving trip unforgettable.
Hiking buffs will be glad to visit Maui. It’s possible to go alone or with travel guide on hiking tour. Amazing waterfalls, different trees, flowers, and birds attract vacationers who love natural beauty to visit Maui.
Zoo in rainforest on the Big Island is also well-known place in Hawaii. Rare animals (such as Bengal tiger), different birds, and insects are seen there. And natural beauty of landscape makes this place more fascinating.
Na Pali Coast is for those who want to walk along coastline and enjoy breathtaking waterfalls, valleys, and cliffs. Boat and helicopter tours are available to explore this place.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

It is one of the most visited places on the islands. Vacationers are offered to explore two active volcanoes (Kilauea and Mauna Loa). For this purpose they can make helicopter tour, drive around the crater, walk through cave made of hardened lava, visit museum, and watch lava flows meet sea.
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park lies 30 miles away from Hilo and may be reached by bus as well as by car. But if you travel by car you should pay vehicle fee to go into the park.
Begin your trip to Volcanoes National Park with visiting Kilauea Visitor Center. There you may get information about park’s hikes, join guided tour, get maps or watch film to learn more about history of the park and find out why ancient Hawaiians appreciate volcanoes.
If you want to visit this park take food and water with you because no facilities or food are available there. It’s also good if you have camera, binocular, and flashlight in your bag. And follow safety rules: stay on marked routes and keep away from restricted areas.