Barcelona – the capital of the autonomous Region of Catalonia in Spain. This city is the center of industrial and trade life in the country, and also one of residents of the cities, numerous by quantity, in Europe. In Barcelona very favorable climate: dry winter and incredibly warm summer. The huge number from this that “is worth to see”, belongs to the historical past of Barcelona.
First, it is worth seeing Gothic quarter and Yulaliya Cathedral Saint located in it. And also a huge number of the buildings dated 14-15 century.

In Gothic quarter there are a lot of various parks, churches and areas. Further Cathedral of the Holy Family and palace of Catalan music, Casa Milà, Casa Batlló and Park Güell.

Structures are so unusual that you won’t see analogs around the world. Separately it is worth mentioning the great architect Antoni Gaudi, his buildings very creative and something remind fantastic children’s dreams.

Transport and housing

In this city one of the thought most over systems of transport connection in Europe. In 10 km. from the city there is a Barcelona airport. In the center from it it is possible to catch by train, the bus or a taxi. Also there is an opportunity to rent the car on one hour a subway Network in Barcelona contains 11 lines, some of them conduct both to the downtown, and to the suburb. The ticket can be acquired in special terminals at metro stations, its cost about 3 EUR.

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It is the best of all to reserve housing in advance. For this purpose is full of the websites thanks to which it is possible to contact the owner of the apartment directly or to reserve a hotel accommodation, a bed in hostel. Only and, probably, the most valuable advice: if you go the company, it is the best of all to rent apartment, it will be cheaper, than a hotel accommodation. At the same time at you will be all amenities which will provide comfortable stay in the city.

What tasty?

In Catalan cuisine the best dishes of the Mediterranean countries are collected. And it is possible to find any of these dishes in Barcelona and at quite reasonable price. The most important in Catalan food – relevance and seasonality of products. Tastes of dishes are simply improbable, even the combination of sea products and meat already excites imagination.

First of all it is worth trying a paella in Barcelona. It there are many versions. Structure: rice, seafood, vegetables, forcemeat, spices – in all possible variations. From desserts it is the best of all – Catalan cream. This dish is traditional on the celebration devoted to Saint Joseph. Something tastes like caramel cream. Sangria – alcoholic drink, with sugar and pieces of fruit. The Barcelonian kitchen is very different and will be to the taste, both to sweet teeth, and fans something juicy.

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