Ski resorts in Switzerland

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The majestic mountains of the Alps cover 70 percent of the country, which is home to some of the best ski resorts in the world. If skiing or snowboarding is your passion and you need the best slopes on the planet to adrenaline tickle nerves, Switzerland is the place.

Tourist service will satisfy the most capricious of tourists: the mountains are a lot of modern lifts, and therefore on the rise never bursts. Open large number of mountain restaurants, vacation homes, ski and snowboard rental, school teaching skating, climbing and much more. Many hills prepared at high altitudes of the Alps, skiing areas, sometimes reaching about three – three and a half thousand meters. Every tourist can choose a suitable level of complexity descent, as well as everywhere else with informational booths with diagrams, which show the route in terms of complexity: from those who stood on skis or snowboard for the first time, to expert freeriders. For beginners, learn riding style is always helped by experienced instructors, who in the Alps, a large number.

Ski resorts in Switzerland have become a favorite spot of celebrities and the elite, a large number of stars, businessmen come here to also spend their holidays and weekends. Incidentally, the level of service and equipment, consistent and prices.

Hotels in Switzerland are famous for a service or good service. People who came to this country on holiday or on business needs do not disturb while resting, staff takes all the work themselves.

Room rates depend on its type, and directly from the class of the hotel. Typically, the cost is already included breakfast, but for a fee can provide full service. Five-star hotels in Switzerland, 35 pieces, so-called luxury. Naturally, everything that can be included in your stay, all your whims and wishes will be fulfilled, but the price accordingly for such services. Hotels of four, three stars and below are also very popular because of its low cost, compared with luxury.

Those who do not need comfort, as an alternative to hotels and hotels in Switzerland are the campsites, which number more than 500 across the country. They have the necessary kit for the normal tourist stay in the mountains. One of the most famous camping is «Whitepod», which is located at a height of about one thousand seven hundred meters.

The most famous ski resorts in Switzerland: Grindelwald, Verbier Four Valley, Crans-Montana, Zermatt, Veyzonna Four Valley, Davos, St. Moritz, Villars, Saas-Fee.