Homeland of Santa Claus – The Finnish Lapland


Throughout the year to this exotic place, which occupies almost a third of the whole of Finland, hurrying thousands of tourists to enjoy the pristine nature of these places, fun and interesting way to spend your holidays or weekends. Most of the territory of Lapland is me off the mountain with thick forests, with bears and wolves, as a large variety of flora and fauna attracts people here for a quiet and secluded area.

Coniferous forests, streams, gorges and river valleys, swamps and lakes, all merging into one not impress a single person who visited at least once in these places. The largest rivers flowing through Lapland: Ivaloyoki, Kalix, Kemijoki, Muonio, Pitts and others.

Winter holiday in Lapland is full of vivid impressions of the conducted this time. The winter safari to the dogs and deer, hunting, fishing, skiing and sledding, snowmobile tours to the most beautiful landscapes of Lapland, all this and more can be tasted in this remarkable place. In Lapland is the largest ski resort in Finland – Saariselkä, it is not so far from the picturesque Lake Inari.

Trip to Lapland begins with the tourist center, which is the capital – Rovaniem. There is a mountain Ounasvara, which attracts tourists memorable slopes in winter sleigh. Most tourists visit this “magic” place of Finland, during the northern lights and polar nights. In order to make it more convenient to watch, has been specially built exotic hotel made of ice which is very convenient to follow the progress of the Northern Lights. Arriving in «Aurora house», which means “House Lights”, a collection of videos you can see the northern lights.

Carry a winter vacation in Lapland – which means to remember those wonderful days for life. As we know, this place is the home of Santa Claus, here is the famous “Santa Park, where both want to get kids from all corners of the globe to meet with Santa Claus. Every day he receives visitors and shows his residence. In winter, the Santa Claus Village, which is not far from Kainuu, anyone can dive into the Christmas story after visiting a magical forest, where he has his workshop. In this workshop, he and his elves make presents for Christmas and New Year, for kids who behaved well, and not capricious. Forest Gnomes tell about the life of Santa, an introduction to deer, who faithfully served him for many years now, and give children the joy of helping deliver gifts, will show his residence. You will see the main post office on the Arctic Circle, where from all over the world the letters come with Christmas wishes. White and fluffy snow, wrapped all around here will not leave you without a sense of fairy tales and magic.

Although the residence to meet the guests and is located in a village not far from the Kainuu, live Santa and his elves on the hill Korvatunturi. Christmas Cave Santapark located near the village of Santa Claus, it was built inside the mountain, where you can get an idea of how to actually live it on a hill Korvatunturi, because except the Santa there, no one had visited.