Dublin Tourism Attractions


Dublin is special, a place where tradition and cultural heritage have merged seamlessly over the centuries to create an atmosphere simply unique to Dublin.

Dublin Tourism Attractions represents a select number of finest visitor attractions, capturing the essence of Irelands cultural and historic capital city and county.

Dublin is renowned world wide as a city of writers and literature, home to such literary pens as Joyce, Shaw and many others, celebrated at the Dublin Writers Museum, James Joyce Museum and the Shaw Birthplace.

Malahide Castle is a beautifully restored residence with distinctive elegance and charm. The extensive grounds of the Malahide Castle Demense are also home to the delightful Fry Model Railway and the Talbot Botanic Gardens. Malahide Castle is also the home to Taras Palace, one of the worlds most significant Dolls Houses. Inspired by Sir Neville Wilkinsons celebrated Titanias Palace of 1907, Ron and Doreen McDonnell sought to recapture the spirit and purpose of Sir Neville, when they began the creation of their own masterpiece Taras Palace in 1980.

An essential feature for any European capital, little or large, is a good shopping district a few streets of well stocked stores with gorgeous window displays hinting at even more treats within. Well, Dublin is quite well endowed in that respect. Not only do you have the lively pedestrian shopping streets at the heart of the city, replete with buskers and street performers, but there are a number of huge shopping centres in the outskirts offering the same excellent choice all under one roof, or go further a field to the surrounding towns where youll find boutiques and craft shops stocking items you know you wont find anywhere else.

If you want an evening in the old style with traditional Irish food, music and some Irish dancing, youre spoilt for choice. What about a huge luxuriant late bar with cocktails, imported beer and music you cant stop bopping to. Then on to a club of your choice pop, r and b, seventies disco, salsa, jazz, alternative, or all of above. Trendy, beautiful, student friendly, its all possible.

Wherever you eat, portions will be generous, especially in pubs. With its coastal location, its not surprising to find so much seafood on offer in Dublin, in particular smoked salmon and oysters are a favourite and are usually consumed with a Guinness.

When you spend your time in Dublin you will be assured of a very warm welcome and very special memories, and foremost among those memories will be the times you spent visiting the Dublin Tourism Attractions.