The impassable and low-studied thickets of South America expanded in a river basin of Amazon. This jungle very much involves naturalists from all planet with the mysterious fauna and plants.
Ten species of primacies, several hundreds of species of birds, a variety of reptiles, long-maned wolves, raccoons, river dolphins, Amazonian manatees, parrots, and thousands of species of insects live in these impassable woods about which it is possible to tell infinitely.

The fauna of Amazon, on reliable data, makes nearly 2/3 all views of our planet.

The fauna of Amazon

In these parts the huge number of snakes lives, and these are the most important enemies of the person in the jungle, stings of some of them are deadly to the person

Jungle of South America

Here names of some of the reptiles living in the woods and reservoirs of Amazon:

  • shushup (legendariest and dangerous snake of these woods);
  • naka-naka;
  • rattlesnake;
  • maganua time, etc.

Also, the snake with a frightening name an anaconda who lives on all width of tropics of South America is known for the whole world. The largest of the females met by people, had weight nearly 100 kg and reached 5 meters in length.

Often inhabitants tell about terrible stories in which the anaconda attacks and eats the person alive. Actually this quite unusual occurrence when the snake attacks the person and occurs it generally for the reasons for much more banal. Attack is possible or when the reptile is very hungry or when it mistakenly takes the person for the habitual production. Locals, having come across an anaconda in the wood if there is opportunity, pull out it closer to the coast of Amazon, and release it to the river, there the snake will find much more food, than in the wood, and the probability of attack on the person decreases to a minimum.

Jaguar – the king of the jungle

Jaguar – the king of the jungle

In the jungle it is possible to meet a dangerous predator – a jaguar who can attack at a meeting face to face, the benefit that he lives in the most not visited wood corners.

Crocodiles and caymans

Waters of Amazon also store danger in the person of crocodiles and caymans who can attack in case someone intruded on their territory or having mixed the person with the habitual production as well as an anaconda. This reptile reaches about 5 meters in length and, in fact, is dangerous only in water and ashore.
In water it is possible to face one predator – a piranha, but it isn’t so dangerous as, for example, somik-karnero which gets into a body of the person through any unprotected openings and can hurt human organs.

Crocodiles and caymans

On the earth, is more correct on trees, one more artful and predatory animals under the name a flying mouse homebody who are capable to get into a den of the traveler at night live and even to tear a mosquito grid if only to get drunk blood of the person. The most interesting that in this night action of people doesn’t even feel a sting and that as the bat sucks blood. Danger of such stings is that the person can get blood poisoning.

Not less dangerous enemies of people in the jungle by right it is possible to call insects. The mosquitoes extending malaria, spiders, scorpions, and also ants about whom legends and who are actually not so awful go.
Insects in the woods of Amazon can give the mass of an inconvenience, and the meeting with some of them can even lead to a lethal outcome, but besides it is possible to secure itself, using some medical supplies and ways of protection against small beings.

Animals of South America

Animals of South America, both big, and small, generally don’t attack people, and on the contrary, rush in different directions, having heard only noise which is published by the person at the approach. Predators it is very difficult to meet in this jungle, it is far simpler to find them in a zoo or other places where they are fed up by locals to show to travelers for money.

Jungle of South America
Jungle of South America