Due to the large area and natural diversity in Australia, there is a large selection of places to stay. Wild tropical islands, a well-developed international network of luxury hotels in megacities, ski lodges, converted shearers on the vast expanses of Australian pastures, colonial-style cottages, youth hostels, floating hotels.

A place corresponding to a variety of requests can be found regardless of whether you just want to spend the night or fully relax at the resort. A detailed description of the places where you can stay, based on any budget, throughout the country.


There is NO formal hotel classification system in AUSTRALIA. Terms such as four- or five-star are often used, but they do not have an official origin. However, state tourism organizations and some regional agencies compile their own ratings based on service level studies.

Hotels and motels are almost always provided with air conditioning in summer and heating in winter. There is also everything necessary to make coffee and tea on your own, there is a TV, radio and refrigerator. A single room is usually equipped with a shower, and if you want a room with a bath, then this should be agreed separately. When booking double rooms, it is important to clarify whether you need two single beds or one double. The advantages of more expensive hotels are a swimming pool, a gym and a bar or restaurant.

The cost of ACCOMMODATION depends on the location and the services offered. At the top of the scale are presidential apartments in luxury hotels, the price of which is measured in four digits, while a bed in the cheapest hotel costs less than 20 AUD. Accommodation in a motel or an inexpensive hotel with bed and breakfast ranges from 50-100 AUD. Prices may rise slightly during the tourist season, but during the off-season many hotels offer discounts.

Rural HOME-TYPE hotels

Rural hotels, from elegant mansions to simple cottages providing bed and breakfast, now exist throughout Australia. They offer a personal service, unlike the service in ordinary hotels, and the opportunity to plunge into the Australian lifestyle. Many of these hotels have only one or two rooms, with a comfortable home environment.

The best home hotels are located in the wine regions of the country, around the old gold mines and in Tasmania. The Australian Tourism Commission and state tourism services are ready to provide the most complete list of bed-and-breakfast, or B&B type hotels.

Boutique class hotels

You will not find information about boutique hotels in tourist brochures; as a rule, the best advertisement for them is a good recommendation. However, the Australian Tourism Commission and other tourism organizations can provide the necessary information. Some of the hotels of the mentioned type will be discussed below.

Australian bed-and-breakfast or B&B class hotels, most of which are located in old mansions, also offer high standards of service. Moreover, such a quality of accommodation does not depend on whether the hotel is located in a simple rustic house or in a luxurious mansion.

Tourist hotels and HOSTELS

ONE OF THE FASTEST growing areas of the Australian leisure industry is hotels for an ever-increasing number of young travelers with backpacks on their backs.

Regardless of the price and basic amenities, most of them are quite comfortable, although the living conditions may be different in each district of the country. The world-famous Association of Youth Hostels has its own network of hotel-type hostels in the country: in all major cities, ski resorts and many national parks. They offer a clean and comfortable room designed for poor travelers.

In some hostels, a place must be booked in advance. in others, there is no armor. Rooms, rooms or dormitories are always available, but often dormitories are intended to accommodate persons of both sexes, which is better to know in advance, before arrival.

Changes often occur in the field of economical tourism, so you should ask other travelers about the latest updates and follow their recommendations.

It should also be remembered that, despite its name, the Association of Youth Hostels provides services to older people.