Talking about the village of Eze, located in France, in Provence, you can start like in a fairy tale: high up in the mountains, where the earth meets the sky, unusual people live in a beautiful area. They differ from others in that in order to go down to people, they will have to overcome steep descents, take risks walking along the terrible steep eaves, cover their faces, passing by thickets that create acacias and cypresses. But they suffer such hardships to say with pride on occasion that they are residents of the village of Ez.

In the same way, they overcome unimaginable ascents and descents, the great Nietzsche, the German philosopher, whose works are still being read by any generation, walked the paths more than once. Conquering nature, Nietzsche was able to create several of his immortal works here. The great genius – the creator of cartoons – Walt Disney also enjoyed visiting these places, drawing inspiration from the nature of Eze.

This mountain village, which is located 400 m above sea level, seems to hover over the rock on which it is located. And somewhere down there, far below, the Mediterranean Sea is splashing.

Stone houses with Ez tiles are drowned in flowers, mainly purple and lilac. The streets and alleys are so narrow that it seems that it will be problematic to walk through them. But the residents, to make it cozy even on the streets, place clay pots with flowers, they constantly have to go down and up numerous stairs, but, surprisingly, it does not bother at all. Because from time to time you constantly have to take breaks – on the ground floors there are small shops and galleries where you can buy souvenirs, paintings, crafts made by tireless craftsmen and needlewomen of Provence in memory of this fabulous place.

The oldest structure of the village can be considered a chapel erected in honor of white penitents. From the outside, it looks quite unsightly, but this is not surprising: its age is seven centuries! But getting inside, you can get real pleasure, because here is an ancient proof that the Catalans honored Christ by making a crucifix on which Jesus smiles. There is also a statue of the Virgin Mary holding a baby.

The village of Ez has hidden another surprise for tourists. This is an original park that could be made on the ruins of a once beautiful castle. What is there just not from different countries: agaves, succulents, aloe. But a special pride is, of course, a cactus that weighs as much as 13 tons. The garden is decorated with beautiful girls who are frozen in the most beautiful poses. This is the merit of the sculptor Jean-Philippe Richard. Residents tirelessly take care of plants so that they always look attractive. And so that you can admire this beauty, sun loungers are installed along the garden.