Every year, on the last Monday of August, the legendary Burning Man Festival begins in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

The festival is located on an area of 13 square kilometers in the Nevada desert.

Burning Man is an experimental look at what a city could look like, created with an unbridled creative and innovative way of looking at things. Expression and experiment – scientific, artistic, sexual or spiritual – are put at the forefront. For techies, this is an opportunity to experience new gadgets and indulge in the wildest social experiments imaginable.

Black Rock City is a fantastic opportunity to not limit yourself in anything with new gadgets in the most extreme conditions and with the participation of extremely thoughtful beta testers. It is reported that Burning Man has become a testing ground for early versions of Google Maps and the first Tesla models.

It is impossible to buy anything at the festival, and luxury goods are frowned upon, money turns out to be useless. Everyone lives in tourist campers, rides around the city on cheap bikes and attends the same free art and dance parties.

At Burning Man, you can get any social experience you can imagine: make yourself up, go to lectures, dress up in an exquisite costume, dance, ride a motorcycle naked, get married, mourn the death of a loved one, have sex, take ecstasy, write a program, have a barbecue at your car… and the list is not it ends (yes, many marriages are concluded on Burning Man).

After sunset, it is better for guests to wear something luminous, so as not to be under the wheels of one of the many mobile dance clubs that travel throughout the festival. On a very ordinary night, you can hop on a two-story car in the shape of a giant neon chicken, dance like for the last time for an hour, jump off a moving car while it drives along one of the giant geodesic domes with a DJ. If you are still on your feet, you can meet the dawn with friends or wash off the dust in a group shower, which serves guests in packs standing shoulder to shoulder, like at a car wash, while countless hands of strangers wash the dirt off you to the sounds of European techno.